Inevitable : Gabriel's Pov
“What are you doing here? I've been looking for you for a while.” When they heard the voice of the man who spoke, the two turned to him and immediately joined him. When I was sure they had left, I let out a deep breath. I thought they would find me, but luckily another of their colleagues came and called them. I carefully exited the fitting room while listening and observing my entire surroundings. Furthermore, I didn't smell anyone coming, so I went out there, but I was still careful because I might run into someone. Not far away I saw a men's wear shop, so I went in there to change my clothes. After I changed my clothes, I walk back to the second floor and stopped for a moment when I noticed the restroom leading to the men's. So, I thought of going there and hiding. At this time, I will hunt for food to heal all the wounds I have suffered. I entered the restroom and less than five minutes later a man entered. He washes his hands in the sink and fixes his hair in front of the mirror.
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