Project Kied - the Dark Child of War

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Project Kied - the Dark Child of War

By: Sigma Yaty OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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In a universe which exists at an atemporal time, filled with infinite realms and dimensions. With an astral abyss comes the struggle for supremacy.    Races conquer the weaker species, lording over them like demigods, the quest for more resources turned the astral seas into a burial ground full with tales of wars.    In a universe filled with colossal beasts, monsters and mysteries, lies the foundation of the age in which Project Kied is based.    With the more powerful empires always thirsting and battling for more territories, they merge into leagues, orders and confederacies, to mutually channel their resources towards achieving their goals.    But a realm within the midst of this chaos suddenly disappeared as though it had never existed, its tides faded, taking along with it a race called the Nordens.    This set of lifeforms have had one basic characteristic with which they identified themselves, which is their State - Peace and Matter - Light.     Milleniums after, when their existence to the other realms had now become a myth, a child was born with a State and Matter that went against the status quo. By name Project Kied, he was confirmed to be of the State - War and Matter - Dark and Night.    Temporarily sent on exile after destroying his pillars of light, Kied finds his higher form - Equivax - while sailing the astral seas and he is trained by Equivax into becoming a cosmic pirate, who are the only form of resistance capable of challenging the feudal orders.    But Kied is fated to be more than a cosmic pirate, just as Norx Hade Zex had said, "... THE DARK CHILD OF WAR".     Will he be brave enough to pursue his destiny regardless of the trails and challenges ? Can he fearlessly grin at the death of day ? For in the beginning it was night.

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Chapter 1
Whatever those sensations were and from wherever they originated, the turbulence which their drifting enacted was cosmic. As though the infinite expanse of the cosmos had a heart, the ether throbbed making this expanse quake in vivid undulating waves of marmoreal depths. It was abyssal but not beyond the depth of the conflict which was about to ensued. Had the ethereal expanse of this realm had been given a voice, it would swear that this turbulence had given it a strange sensation, those martial cadencies of the ancients, the ever renowned heat of battle. Surreal and livening this sensation which had always haunted my soul all these years was at the verge of being unleashed. At the cliff of voids, the nebulous distance ahead of this city of asteroids soon became a sea of armour and flags. At the outskirts before them was an assaulting army of the imperial crusaders. Metallic and octahedral structures emerged from every asteroid within this solar-city, surrounding the entire terra
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Chapter 2
Novic was all fury and fire, his sword cutting through the steel walls of the battlecarpets, searing all that found themselves beneath him into mountainous halves of exploding flames. The blade of his sword brought down scores of soldiers with each blow he made, slashing like an enraged cyclone, he brought down rank after rank of the enemy's forces. Searing through his being like a maddened thunderstorm, the raving resonance echoing his rage made that massive halo of an enraged purple tear through his palm, an untamed force if destruction unleashed itself from the very depths of his core, and it made the astral expanse quake. Like siesmic pulses the ether reverberated and those concentric waves of marmoreal depths swept the distance, as rank after rank of the city's fleet was consumed within the waves of this cosmic surge of energy. Grinning to himself, Novic knew they weren't his main targets, they were just minions standing in his way, calling them stumbling blocks was an over
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Chapter 3
That galactic mass of armour and blades came into view, as that haze of smoke, dust and clouds cleared away, that storm of lightning and dark clouds trailing it from behind, diminishing the size of Novic's fleet into an army of ants. Grinning down upon his long known adversary, the being cladded in dark armour stared at the destruction which his entrance had created. Closing his eyes, he took it all in, satisfied with the impression he had made, it was too real to be true; he had returned.Hypernox stood on his left shoulder and behind him stood Equivax, a form of bronze armour, donning an embroidered cape, watching from the bow of the Aegis. Hypernox jerked his head upwards, his beak tearing open giving that steelsplitting screech, which rang high into the cosmic skies. His master placed his thumb on his index finger, creating an enflamed tiny sphere.. "You were right Hypernox, he wasn't expecting us." His master said, still wearing his imposing grin. He flicked the flaring sphere
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Chapter 4
Those vivid and concentric waves, titanic in size arose, as those flaring circles slashed through the entrails of the hydras. Cries arose, their echoes piercing the cosmic heavens resulting in flaring holes. They weren't just battling against a warrior, they were battling against war, for Kied was darkness and light, and at his peak he was war. The circles spun back to his sides, fading into his being; unshaken by the intense energy which he had unleashed during the battle. The dismembered bodies of Novic's army of cosmic beasts floated across this astral plain. "Kied... you... you," Novic stammered, "make me mad !" Rising to his knees, he screamed to the now turbulent heavens of this cosmic plain, the uproar unleashing more of his cosmic beasts from their galactic cages. They with an even more enraged desire to shred Kied apart, burning with a cosmic flare for revenge. "I wished this was an online course Hypernox," Kied said grinning, "I'd make enough money from students
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Chapter 5
He was going to play fair, Kied decided, Novic was out of cosmic beasts so using Hypernox would seem like he was "cheating". He wanted to win fair and square, and to make his wish come true he was going to make things even - something which Novic wouldn't consider doing in a thousand lifetimes. Equivax's palms fell upon the ideoideograms ushering them into calculated combinations, he structured commands which were sent to the Aegis' not so centralized system, because for Kied and from experience, anything centralized was not fluid and Kied's definition of supremacy was being volatile and fluid. Those massive, armoured cannons numbering hundreds emerged from the Aegis' basements, taking aim at the Zark's attacking army, unleashing a storm of halos upon them. He didn't just say hail, did he ? Kied smiled as a now devolved Hypernox landed on his left shoulder, now an eagle. He hoped that Equivax hadn't forgotten his other toy, he was just joking, Hypernox reading his mind cooed del
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Chapter 6
The Aegis struck upon the Zark's army, its titanic and rugged blades lining its sides cut through the armour of the battleships and carpets, leaving them in a haze of exploding summits. The cries arose, cries of agony and death, but Kied wasn't done yet, it wasn't over until it was all over, this wasn't the end, it was just a prelude to the endgame, and he was prepared to make it a grand sight, one which the Zark would never forget. Surveying the battleships around him as the Aegis went on it's massive spree of destruction, Kied could see the Zolastran soldiers taking their positions from battleships which were beyond the reach of the Aegis. "Puppets !" Kied blurted "they didn't ever learn to never serve a cosmic lord" Hypernox screeched his reply. "That's right Hypernox", he said, "I think it's time we take this to the talons and blades" Novic stared anxiously, his heart dangling from his jaws as he watched Kied's battleship, the Aegis, smash through the ranks of his f
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Chapter 7
The battlements of this stellar-city was fallen with the wreckage and destruction unleashed upon it making its massive stellar mansions mountains of flames, flag bearers of an ongoing apocalypse. The interstellar warships tore their way through the distance unleashing halos upon everything standing in their way, their black flags bearing the emblem of a wolf, as they plundered and lay to waste this once harmonious civilization. Ler Edzak stared proudly at his newly acquired territory, it was worth the taking, both economically and strategically aligned for military purposes. And the final reason made it priceless, one which he just couldn't help but smack his lips. One by one he was going to bring all the cores together.**************************** His hands gripped his head as he screamed within that cerulean sphere, he couldn't help it, the dark energy amassing within him had just gotten too much that he could not longer control. He felt those deep and dark cracks etch
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Chapter 8
Hypernox howled to the cosmic skies making it quake with thunder, while Equivax frayed into the air, his being reintegrating within the command centre of the Aegis. Taking the helm of the ship's, he created those geometric configurations, preparing it for an assault. "Hypernox", Kied called, "it's high time we had gotten you charged for your evolution." Hypernox howled to the thought, his voice piercing the thunderous skies. Edzak blocked his ears with his palms, that annoying scum ball, how could Kied withstand the sound of that thing ? When it wasn't roaring it was howling, when it wasn't doing either it was screeching. Well Kied was his master, a master as horrible as his annoying pet. Regaining his hearing, Edzak stared at Kied who was preparing for an assault upon his fleet. If it were during their previous encounters, he would have retreated without any hesitation, he wasn't as bullheaded and aggressive as Novic. But this was priceless to him, and he wasn't going to
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Chapter 9
Hypernox descended heralded by a sea of enflamed halos which struck through Edzak's army of cosmic beasts, wiping them out rank after rank, sending them burning to ash. Edzak's fists tightened as he stared at Kied whose hypnotic gaze was still in him, grinning and daring him to bring more. And truth be told, his entire army of cosmic beasts had been wiped out, all he had left was his fleet. He nevertheless wasn't backing away so soon. "Attack !" Edzak ordered. The first wave of battleships charged at the Aegis, ready to take it down. Hypernox now an eagle landed on Kied's shoulder, staring fearlessly at the assaulting army. "Well done Hypernox", Kied said stroking his head, making him coo. "Equivax", Kied summoned, "hail and blades." Both cannons and bladed boomerangs arrayed themselves and cut their way through Edzak's army. The cannons opened fire upon them, wiping out rank after rank with each volley of halos, and it never stopped coming until the battleships
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Chapter 10
FIFTEEN MONTHS EARLIER ... His feet were numb and his being quivered in pain as he made his way across this mountainous terrain, he was worn out and his mind's focus was waning, but he just couldn't stop. The turbulence arose from behind him, and those exploding sounds made the earth quake. Trying to quicken his pace - a futile effort though - he managed to keep going, his heart pounding in his chest. That halo fell behind him a few yards away, ducking behind a boulder he allowed the explosion blow past, then rising onto his feet again, he continued the run. Another volley fell from behind, with solid structure to take cover with, the explosion swept him off his feet sending him crashing to ear. His dark armour now worn and torn, he stripped it off, now left with only a dark pair of clothes, having done this he resumed his run. Those interstellar chariots, five in all, emerged from behind, they chased after him. Knowing that he had been spotted, he forced himself onwards.
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