Cupidity : Anna's Pov
When I regained consciousness, I found myself sitting on a chair with my hands and feet tied, my eyes blindfolded. Just a few moments later, I heard the footsteps of shoes as if he was approaching me. It was gone in a few moments, but I could smell his perfume as if he were close to me.

“I know you're awake, and you can hear me now. I won't prolong our conversation any longer, but I want to know what you need from my son and why are you asking him for ten million?” He said, and I seem to understand who the person is in front of me now. So, he heard what we talked about, but he didn't know the reason why I was asking him for ten million. Maybe he thinks that I have bad intentions towards his son, that's why he brought me here and made me his captive. Because of that, I just smiled and laughed.

“You still haven't answered what I'm asking you. What do you need from my son, and who are you working for? Did someone else send you to defame me? Answer me.” He added, and I was silent for a m
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