Zombies Territory: A place of no return

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Zombies Territory: A place of no return

By: Favyhm23 OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Slaves are given an opportunity to be set free. But the road to freedom is never easy. They were given one mission to get the buried golds of the late Mr Fu's house. Unfortunately, the house is located in the capital of the country that is now popularly known to the world as Zombies Territory. It is also a place of no return to those who went in. All for the sake of freedom, all for the sake to get back their lives, will the slaves survive this deadly mission? Find out on Zombies Territory: A place of no return

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Important Notice!
This is an important notice to all readers of this book. It's best if you read this before going further with it.My name is Favy as you guys can see. I just want to say this important thing. First, the book you're about reading is all fictional. All characters, places and scenes are all from my head. I was only inspired by the movie 'Android cop'. Second, though this is my second book, I'm NOT a literally student and I have no idea about literature. I just find writing fun and I never thought of writing a book in my entire life. It never came across my mind and it was never in my wish to do list either that I'll start writing a book one day. What I'm trying is say is this. The book you're about to read, may not contain all literally words like other books you might have read. I know little or less of literature. If you still find it annoying and irritating and a bit off that a book can't contain a lot of literally words, please do leave the book than giving me a hate comment. I'm no
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Experiment Gone Wrong (I)
(Warning:All characters and scenes and actions are all fictional).Books By The Author: One Last Wish•••••"Mummy, why can't I go along with you. I also want to see your new experiment mummy."She squatted down. "Son, stay here okay. I promise to give you lots of chocolate if you behave.""But mummy, I want to see the sea star. Please mummy." He pleaded in a crying voice.She dabbed his head and looked at him with a smile on her face. "The sea star was not brought here to play with, Junior. We have to use it as an experiment.""Are you going to kill the poor sea star?" He asked in a sombre voice.She held both his hands and placed kisses on them. "You'll understand everything when you're all grown dear. We're doing this to make human lives better. That's our job as a scientist."His eyelids lowered looking all sad. "Are you going to kill all the sea stars in the sea for your experiment." He asked in saddened eyes looking at her.She heaved a sigh and embosomed him tightly. "Don't wor
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Experiment Gone Wrong (ii)
"We'll be extracting the DNA from a sea star. Why? Because a sea star have the ability to regenerate itself due to their unique gene. I think this will be a better way to save human lives." Ms Susan spoke standing at one end of the table."Are you saying that we're going to inject human with a sea star DNA?" Asked a male scientist who sat at the right side of the table.The room was not that large nor small. It was a small confined room where only few scientific things could be seen and a rectangular table in the middle. It also had a glass wall."Yes. You're correct." She added."So what is the reason behind your new experiment Ms Susan?""Well... like she had explained few minutes ago, a sea star have a unique gene in their body, and that's gene sox2 which we all know about." Mr Louis butted in as he also stood up to explain. "I'm pretty sure the reason behind her new experiment is to help save thousands of adults and children that might have lost one of their body parts, like my ne
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Experiment Gone Wrong (iii)
"I think we should proceed now." The man spoke."J., it's time to say goodbye to William." His mom spoke.J hugged William. "Goodbye William. Wish you all the best.""Thank you bro." He said patting his back."It's time to go son. And J, make sure you stay right here till mummy comes back. Is that clear?""Okay uncle Louis. You can do this Will." Trying to cheer him up.He nodded and Louis rolled him away, while the rest scientist followed behind.•••"You're sure you want to do this boy?" Asked William's partner who was together with him in the test lab. The both of them will be the human subject.Unlike William, his partner's hands were absent. Just like William's story, he was also involved in an accident. His only means of surviving, was to get his hands amputated. Ever since then, he had been walking with a mannequin's hand.William's lips wried up. "Never been so sure about anything all my life. You?""Same here." With an excited smile on his face.They laughed."Okay guys, are
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Experiment Gone Wrong (iv): The City
William turned to face him looking all dead and scary. "Junior.... Junior.... Junior....." She called out looking for her son in the crowd. "Junior....." She screamed seeing William chasing her son."Mummy...." He called out in a high tone running back to his mom while the scared looking William kept chasing him."Junior...." She screamed also running back to her son."Mummy.....""Junior...." She screamed looking really terrified as William had already bitten her son. "Junior...." She screamed and pushed William away. She fell on her knees and tears started dripping down from her eyes. "Baby...." Scooping him in her hands. The world had screeched to a halt for her in midst of all the chaos going on. People screaming, running and more were getting bitten but it was as though she had gone deaf to all these things.She shook her son noticing how is body was changing. "J....." Crying and shaking him. "Don't do this to me baby. Mummy's here. S...stay calm okay. I'll be right back. Stay h
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The Death
(TWO YEARS LATER IN A NEIGHBORING COUNTRY)."Where is he?""He's inside, lying on the bed."They hurriedly walked in to the old shabby room."Grandpa Fu..." He knelt down at the bedside."Lee my grandchild." Touching his face with his old wrinkle and shaky hand."How is he doctor?" Lee asked the doctor who was standing behind him, not tearing his gaze from his grandpa."His body has become really weak now. All the medicines we've been giving him, none seem to be working anymore. His immune system has gone really weak and his body is deteriorating fast."He turned to the doctor. "Please do all you can to save him. He's the only family I have left." He pleaded in a teary voice."Mr Lee, we're doing everything possible we can, but his body keeps rejecting all the treatments we've been giving him."Turning back to his grandpa. "Grandpa..." kissing both his hands. "Please fight. You know I only have you as a family left. Please fight grandpa." He pleaded with tears in his voice."Lee...."
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The Big News
In a place so big like that of a warehouse, he sat on his office chair, moving his seats side to side with a cigarette in his hand. His men stood looking at him with so much curiosity cloaked on them, on why he ordered them to his office the moment he stepped in. He placed his legs on the table still moving his chair and inhaling and exhaling his cigarette. His head rested on the chair."Who wants to be filthy rich?" He asked after a moment of silence.Smile slapped on their faces. They knew if their boss speaks in such manner, then something huge was coming. "We all want to boss and you know that." His right hand man spoke.He was an average looking man putting on singlet showing his pirate tattoo on his left arm.Everyone nodded in an agreement as they smiled at each other. He tapped his finger on the arm of the chair, creating light sounds as his eyes walked on each of them present there."Do you want to know what our next mission will be?" He asked with a wry smile on his lips."
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The Plan
"Boss...." A man called from the door.He was a bit old and wretched. His tooth seemed to be missing. His hair was also slight grey and his skin, so dull. He was part of the slaves they stored in the warehouse. But unlike any other slaves, he was free to move around because he did most dirty jobs for them and he's the master mind in executing most of their successful missions. Lee liked him for that. Though he was not part of Lee's men yet, he had always wanted to be among them one day. He's more than ready to do anything to win Lee's trust.Lee just gave a blank but angry look, and he stepped in smiling. "Boss, you shouldn't think too much about getting your golds." Lee's eyes cloaked in extreme anger as he said that."No boss. I didn't mean it that way. You see boss, they might be scared to go in there, but I have a plan for you."His face suddenly straightened. He knew his plans were always a mind blowing one. This man had never come up with a plan that had failed."What plan?" He
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The Slaves
His men had gathered all the slaves together. The slaves were kept in the warehouse. They were used for different purposes. He sold them to different people around the world. The buyers either use them for prostitution, or they have to work their ass off in any place they were assigned to. Some of the buyers even prefer using them for farm work even if they were modern facilities available. They feel the modern facilities are more expensive. You have to treat a machine like you're nursing a baby. How tiring and money wasting. The slaves were mixed with both males and females, old and young. Some of them were brought in there for failing to pay their debt to Lee when the due time collapsed. Their skins looked pale and some of them suffered from dehydration and malnutrition. But to Lee, he's doing his best to keep them kicking. No buyers will want to buy a half looking dead person.Sometimes, Lee and his men forcefully take the women they want to spend their night with. They rape every
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The Offer
They were all eagerly waiting for him to speak. He didn't say anything but his eyes kept walking on them as he looked above them. The look he gave was blank so they could barely read what it was that was going on in his head. But they know it was something bad as Lee had never given them a good news.The warehouse was quiet as a grave yard. All of them waiting for the skinny man with tinted red hair and a dragon tattoo on his right arm to speak."You all have been through a lot." He paused and continued. "I think it is high time I let you go."They faced their neighbors by their sides looking really confused as to what he was saying."I have decided to give you guys the freedom you deserve as human beings." Utter confusion plastered on their faces."What is he saying?" They murmured."Silence....." Spoke his new right hand man from the top of his voice as he ordered them to zip their mouths."Don't you want to go back home to your family, to your loved ones?" He continued speaking aft
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