The Flashback : Anna's Pov
I told Hunter everything before he found me bleeding inside his house. Apparently, his father found out that I met him and thought I was just playing with the two of them. After Hunter and I talked that night, I felt like someone was following me. At first, I was just calm, and I didn't show much interest, but I noticed that regardless of where I go, he still follows me. That's why I sped up my walk until I thought of running away. I looked behind me for a moment and noticed that they were chasing me. Not just one person, but many of them follow me. I don't know who they are and what they want from me. But only one person was capable of doing this to me, Hunter's father George. I sped up my running even more, and I went through the crowded exits just to mislead them. At first, they disappeared from my sight as if they were confused by every road I took. Until I got to the amusement park. There were plenty of people there, so I thought I'd head over there to confuse them and find a way
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