The Laboratory : Anna's Pov
My eyes almost widened in shock and amazement when I saw what it looked like inside. It seems to be a secret laboratory that has been abandoned for a long time. I slowly went inside while observing every machine there. There are blood samples in there and organs placed inside the jar bottle. This house is so mysterious, and how could there be such a laboratory in such a place? As I was walking I heard banging, sniffing and grunting. I followed the noise I heard as my chest pounded more and more. Until I stopped, and my eyes widened in shock at a man locked inside the old railing. His hands and feet were chained. The bottom of his eyes are sagged. He has many wounds that are still fresh and bleeding in different parts of his body. Teeth are missing and decaying. His saliva dripped from his mouth like a thirsty dog. He was very skinny, as if he hadn't eaten in a long time. His fingernails and toenails are almost black. His appearance was unpleasant to be seen and terrifying. I don't know
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