The weapon dealer's son

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The weapon dealer's son

By: amr silver OngoingSci-Fi

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Hundreds of years after the wars, the natural calamities, and epidemics, The earth have finally recovered from all the destruction, humanity learned at last to respect the planet, Taking their wars elsewhere. During this era of peace and prosperity on earth, a kid called Adam is forced to fight for his freedom. Freedom from the system, from the laws, from all shackles. Literally stumbling on a weapon unlike any thing man kind ever knew, he embarks on a journey of self development and discovery, trying to figure out the reasons behind his father's disappearance, only to find tons of enemies in every path leading to his father. Enemies who want to get their hands on him to find a way to replicate what he can do. enemies who knows who his father is and want nothing but to destroy any thing related to him. Enemies that knows his father and tries to kidnap him and use him against his father. Adam is just a 9 year old kid when he starts his journey, he is unlike any child, he doesn't give up. He doesn't hesitate to use any means possible to achieve his goals.

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  • Abdullah Elnaggar


    ... wow! what a beautiful story

    2022-06-23 18:49:37
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62 chapters
Chapter 1: foreign thoughts.
Adam was 9 years old when his father disappeared. Before that, he had a good life, had every thing he needed, and his father spent good time with him, training him. His father always told him that he is going to be the most powerful human in the universe, Adam used to dream of that when he hugs his bed at night, his whole body aching from the long hard day of running, fighting, and solving what he called puzzles. Growing up, He always saw pictures of a woman with his father hanged on the walls of every room in the apartment, and in some of these pictures the woman was holding a baby in her hand, his father told him that she is his mother, but he never told him where she is, and why she isn't with them, and Adam never asked, he never knew her and had no connections with her, even though he sometimes wondered about it when he gets too exhausted from all the training. For as long as he could remember, his father would disappear for one or two days every weak, and the house butler wou
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Chapter 2: Escape Plan.
His father was mostly working, the time he spent at home he spends it on long calls, so he had to stay alone for days at a time, he learned the hard way to not cry for any thing, to not cry at all. He had to grow up even though he was only eight.the room was silent this early in the morning, the only sound being the snoring of gem, the orphanage care taker, who only takes care of himself of course. He was sleeping outside the room on a wooden chair that was barely holding his weight, threatening to break any second. He spent the night guarding the room, he feared that Adam would once more find a way to escape.Adam tried to move but he felt sore all over his body. he ignored the pain in his hands and legs as usual, and tried to set up only to feel a sharp pain in his head. For a kid his age, Adam was too familiar with pain, but this pain was too much for him, yet he didn’t scream or cry, for the pain disappeared in a moment.he looked at his left arm and
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Chapter 3: enhancement.
Adam was standing behind the locked door, his whole body in pain, starving, his stomach growling, the remaining part of the cuffs still on his leg making occasional ringing noise. He ignored all pain and had one thing in his mind at this moment, food. Adam is a thin kid with a natural bronze skin, black short hair and light brown wide eyes. Usually his face was blank showing no emotion, now is no exception. He had dark areas around his eyes, his cheek bones protruding with their distinct shape. There was food in the orphanage, and the other kids were well fed. It's just that Adam didn't want to stay here, and he didn't like their food or the people cooking it. so he would only eat the fruits and uncooked vegetables when they served them in the cafeteria, they didn't make them at least, and they tasted the same every where. The door was defective, broken in many places, and unstable even when locked, it wiggles when pushed. That's how Adam would escape every time, he uses the stee
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Chapter 4: new plans.
Adam was astonished, he knew what metabolism is, he just didn't really understand what it means, but he knew that it was big. The thing In his mind said it would enhance him, that must be good. He wasn't sure, but he didn't have any thing better to do.The reason he believed it is because in his mind, when the thing talks to him it doesn't just say words. He can actually feel what it tries to do, he didn't have enough knowledge to understand most of it, but he knew it only wanted to make him better in every way possible, For some reason.He was afraid of it at first, and wasn't happy to know that the thing that terrified him last night is actually inside his brain. But every time he interacts with it he gains more of its knowledge, and he can feel that it takes nothing in return, that was a simple equation that he didn't need to be smart to know its results.Adam has a single minded personality, when he wants to do something, he would do it no matter what, or who, or how.'will it hur
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Chapter 5: stomach pain.
The office's door was open, when Adam walked in, gem didn't follow him, he closed the door and left instead. Adam was familiar with miss sydni's office by this point, he spends more time here than in the play ground with the other kids.Miss sydni was sitting behind her desk, in front of her some piles of paper as usual, occasionally sipping her coffee on a small table beside a comfy looking couch, there was omelet and pancakes and some fruits shaped like a smiling face, on the side a green salad, orange juice and a water bottle. This was the breakfast mela's mother would make for the both of them every day. Which surprised Adam, why would mela's mother be here. "you should eat first Adam, we have plenty of time to talk later." Miss sydni said while not averting her eyes from her paper work, she didn't look well, she had a slight darkened aura around her eyes, like someone who had been awake for too long. Adam didn't wait for a second invite, he sat close to the food and started e
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Chapter 6: level headed conversation.
Adam and miss Sydni returned to her office shortly after Elina finished checking Adam's condition, miss Sydni didn't waste more time and asked Adam. "why are you trying to escape, Adam!? Where do you wish to go! As a child, we cannot just let you live alone! Do you know where your father is?" her voice was kind, her expression was honest.'so it is real! She wants to help me!' Adam thought. 'but why now!? I've been trying to escape for three months!' and as if she was reading his mind, miss Sydni said. "I'm asking you this now because I can see you are smart. previously we all thought you just needed some time to get used to the place, but if it comes to hurting your self trying to escape! We can't allow that…""so you can take me by force, put me in this place, and not listen to me until I hurt my self trying to escape!? And all that is because my father is away for work, and you are stronger than me?!"Miss Sydni suddenly felt dizzy, in front of her was a 9 year old kid, but the wor
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Chapter 7: data analysis.
Adam requested the spaghetti & meatball dish, a bottle of milk, and a piece of every fruit available. He waited for 2 minutes in front of a small window, his food then came out on a metal tray. It cost him 2.3 coins, although he could buy more, he didn't want to raise any suspicions.While heading to an empty table to start eating, Adam was trying to dig for more information. 'so you need me to have more energy so you can synchronize! How long will that take? And how much energy do I need for that?!'[100% synchronization requires 2000% current capacity…Preparatory enhancement time estimated, 10-15 years…Partial synchronization is not Advised…]A few images and concepts were injected to his mind, his pupils contracted, he felt so weak. He realized that there was so many things he didn't understand previously. Like the fact that this thing was learning from his memory and experiences, it didn't know any thing about earth or human language that Adam didn't know. He needed at least 10
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Chapter 8: a lawn mower.
Adam's eyes widened, he gasped in awe. The symbiote just revealed to him that it can read people's minds like it was nothing. Adam actually ignored all the other thoughts and images projected by the symbiote, and focused on the part where it said (biological data), it showed him that he just needs to touch a living being, and its memory, thoughts, and Physical condition will be analyzed.Adam quickly left the play ground, heading to the one person he would test this on.Birdy was helping Roland, the maintenance worker, with his job. Roland is the only one in his team, he is responsible for the entire orphanage's maintenance. the orphanage consists of two buildings, a play ground, and the outer wall which had several cameras and equipment on it.Helping Roland were one of the most paid tasks that kids can get, although usually only older kids are accepted, because of size and strength of course. There were some tasks that required brain more than Brawn, Roland would then request specif
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Chapter 9: room 13.
Adam was disappointed, but he understood, the symbiote did read birdy's biological data, just not the way he anticipated. "it wouldn't work like that!" Adam murmured to himself, then he turned to birdy. "did you feel any thing?" he asked him while checking the area he touched up close."yeah! You zapped me? Why did you do that!?" Birdy said while rubbing his forehead. Adam's face was too close for comfort, so he tried to keep his distance. "can you tell me what this is about at least?!"'what is the use of this biological data!?' Adam asked while trying to find a loophole.[biological data scanning can be used to upgrade the host's physical condition and neural mapping, linguistic comprehension Benefits are included, projecting irrelevant memory data will allow the host to experience the target's memory. Partial memory projection is possible."The symbiote explained what it showed him this time, it didn't just say the minimum things like it always does. 'Did Birdy infect the symbiote
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Chapter 10: taking over.
…Waking up after a very good night sleep, Adam opened his eyes, the sun was shining from the glass window above his bed, the sounds of birds were heard despite the closed window, no other sound exists this morning.He looked around him, no one was asleep in the room but him. He didn't think much of it, he might have overslept, the weird thing is that Gem let him.He walked out of the door which was unusually left open, he noticed that a clock in the hallway was pointing at 8:30am, he didn't over sleeping, he started wondering where is every one. 'did I go overboard last night!? Did Vergo have a mental breakdown! Maybe he died!' he thought with not the slightest bit of sadness or regret, he had no sympathy for Vergo.…What happened yesterday was that Adam approached Vergo's bed in the total darkness of the room, after wrapping his head in the bandages he unwrapped earlier, he made a few ghostly scary sounds around him, he then touched Vergo's leg, Vergo was woken up and alerted, he s
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