Forces of Dominion

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Forces of Dominion

By: EJS OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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The voice of an angel proclaims, «earth is now a battlefield... War is coming, you have been chosen...» "What war? And chosen for what?" Gabriel asked with a wondering eye, «Will you be able to accept responsibilities, Gabriel? It is going to be one hell of a ride, but you will have celestial support» "I will!" He passionately accepted. «The war of the end of ages and there are going to be some friends like you, friends you must find and unite yourself with. You will defend this earth from the invaders. Your rivals shall possess men by day to usurp authority and by night they shall resurface as demon creatures, many people may suppose they are aliens, but I am preinforming you before time to know that they will invade earth to kill and end lives — a system of destruction. Only you can resist them now. Earth has been given to you to dominate and I can not break ranks because I have been constrained to attend to heavenly matters. It's up to you to not fail your world.» The angel of light took off from the terrestrial with its large wings. Gabriel cried, saying, "Wait, you have not given me any abilities yet!" «Search inwards, it's in you, Gab! You already know how to summon me when you need me!» "Wait! How?" Gabriel yelled, but it was too late now: the star was gone and it was up to him to take up responsibility. Everything about his supposed weakness changed when he woke up to discover angelic wings attached to his skin and an $80billion transfer to his bank account... A war between forces of dominion is activating...

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Portal Encounter
//Year 2040// [Sierra Nevadas, Fresno, California]>> krrr krr krr krr krr krr "Do you have eyes on it?"...the trembling voice of a soldier muttered in the silence of the gross dark night in Sequoia National Forest located at the southernmost end of the Sierra Nevadas. "No boss, but Ricky too is dead! I can't see shit, captain!" The fainting voice of his teammate echoed with just a whisper as the leaves of the trees and grasses fluttered in the cold wind around them.... "I thought I saw it just now! That shit is invincible sometimes... I'm out of ammo..." Another soldier who was already jittering and full of fear kept sputtering until he was told to be quiet..."Shush! Stay frosty!" The captain ordered. "Ahhhhh... argh... aahhhh!" The soldier who was jittering screamed in anguish and his voice died out in the midst of the darkness as an alien's blade pierced through his left thigh and dragged him away from the rest of his teammates... Rat tat tat tat boom boom boo
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End of age System foretold
"Christ! What is that!" Gabriel exclaimed aloud, stepping a little closer to see for himself because where strange star landed was covered with white smoke he could not see anything. The closer he got, the clearer it became and before him stood the form of a man whose countenance was bright as though it were a light bulb. «Come no further, Gab. Make no further approach towards me» A voice spoke from within the confines of the bright shining image of light, echoing in the wind like sound waves traveling in a medium of silence, full of resonance. The minute Gabriel removed his hands from his face which he covered due to the brightness of the star's countenance, he had a clearer view of the image in front of him and as astonished as anyone could be, he asked immediately, knowing it was an angel, based on it's appearance having wings. "Wait a minute, wow! How did you know my name?" Gabriel shivered in surprise the second he heard his name mentioned. The angel observed a minute silence
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The Unbelievable
"O my goodness, this is not happening... Is this really happening? It can't be! O my gosh!" Gabriel mumbled as he drove off immediately on high speed heading back home to Briston street in Hanford. [Screeching sounds] "Why the f*ck is he driving roughly?" A friend of his asked the rest of them in the group when they saw him riding back home recklessly. "If you ask me, I don't know, Shelley. C'mon, guys, let's go check on our dude, know if he's alright. He doesn't seem okay." The leader of the group replied, dipping his hands in his hood pocket as he led the way. "You're right, Lancelot." Freeman added as all six of them walked towards Gabriel's compound who had already gone inside the house the minute he parked the car upon arrival. "Gabriel! We know you're in there. C'mon, open up!" Lancelot yelled authoritatively after banging on the door for three minutes to no avail. "He should have responded by now." Bell said. "I don't think this dude is okay. Let's go. Maybe check up on
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The Robotic Project
“Gabriel! Are you alright?” Mr. Winston Gray asked the minute he heard his son scream. “I’m alright! I’m okay, dad.” Gabriel replied audibly on hearing his dad’s voice echo from all the way down… Winston Gray wondered why his son has been acting strange for the past three days now, though he seldom spend much time with him because he felt the teenager was matured enough to look after himself. “I hope you are, Gabriel! Hey, I am on my way to work already. I made oat for you already and have toasted your bread in the kitchen; you can have breakfast whenever you feel hungry…” Winston kept muttering until he saw Gabriel walking down the stairs to meet him with a bright smile filled with ecstasy. “Morning, Dad.” Gabriel greeted. The melody in his voice made his dad smile back at him and wondered why he was that aglow facially. It’s been a long time he saw Gabriel so happy, he quickly asked,“Morning, Gab. You look happy, is there something you need to be telling me right now?” Winston
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Awakening Optimus
"Is that really Gabriel Gray my boy?" Mr. Wyman asked the moment he saw Gabriel walk into his shop. He left the buyer he was talking to and went to meet Gabriel because it's been three weeks since he last saw Gabriel. Mr. Wyman loves Gabriel a lot he somehow believed that Gabriel would succeed him inasmuch he has passion for robotics and has shown great interest in learning than anyone of his students. Mr. Wyman had trained about seven students but none of them really wanted to learn than Gabriel who never even had to enroll in the lessons: they were all after the certificate from Wyman's company. "Yes, uncle Wyman. Good morning. I came to see you for something very urgent and important." Gabriel started talking before Mr. Wyman embraced him. "What is it? You look troubled, I can tell." He examined Gabriel immediately after embracing him, whilst his hands was still on his nephew's shoulders. "I need you to tell me what to do to stop the spark I normally experience whenever I am abo
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Sharing Secrets
Gabriel was all alone in the basement and though he was really tired at first, yet the excitement to see to Optimus creation, made him stay awake, working tirelessly and deploying all necessary steps as he has been taught by his uncle, Wyman, to see that Optimus exist. As he kept assembling all devices, he kept upgrading and re-modifying his previous updates in his system program which he had written for the smooth running of Optimus intellectuality. When he successfully assembled the internal devices and achieved end-to-end connections, he began to encrypt the five thousand motion tactics he installed, including combat and transformation tactics among others to ensure that nothing was lacking and that it could not be recreated elsewhere. Then he took the flash drive and duplicated, installing all content into three different chips and binding them within three portions of the robots brain, in places where it would be impossible to locate except he should show it to whoever he wanted
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System Arrival
"Shhh... Follow me closely, let's go check it out." Gabriel uttered in a hurry and led the way as they climbed up the stairs that leads to the passage that is inside the house, and when they entered the sitting room, they opened the window curtains slowly and peeped through to see for themselves but the noise of the gunshots seems to have travelled far from the vicinity. Gabriel closed the curtain and stared right into her eyes — she had a dark brown almond shaped eyes which was a perfect match for her straight nose and round lips. Her side-swept long bangs also made her soft-angled eyebrows speak of a beautiful beyond description. And as she stared back, she was persuaded to believe that he was not afraid and that she was going to be safe with him. She admired his well trimmed beards which made his pointed roman-like nose much cute than when she last saw it, but she never seem to take her eyes off his thin lips, though his charming close set eyes were enough to make her love him mor
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Optimus is Alive
Ping! The system completed the boot process, reaching hundred percent in total. The minute it completed, Gabriel took his eyes off the screen of his laptop to look at Optimus with believes that it should have powered up or responded but there was nothing: no sign of anything turning on, unlike before when it did come alive. Madison glanced at Gabriel from time to time while looking at the robot with hopes too; despite the fact that she has not seen the robot power up at anytime, though Gabriel do tell her that he had seen it happen thrice. "Gabriel, now what?" She asked because she was beginning to get nervous and uncomfortable with the silence. "I don't know. I have tried everything and have applied everything Mr. Wyman showed me yesterday. I believe I have corrected the previous errors. At least it should have shown a sign or something, shit!" Gabriel sputtered showing signs of frustration but she placed her left arm on his shoulders to ensure he does not escalate in anger. "Ca
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The Robot Guide
– [Ten minutes earlier] – humming... Madison kept staring at the lifeless robot and admiring it's form while making some melodious notes in her vocals. The head of Optimus had a spherical shape but it's face mask looks rectangular, coupled with ears made of steel but these have internal antennas having multiple functions according to Gabriel's already installed program. The ears were pointed backwards like that of a fairy and the entire parts of its body patterned like a man but robotically cylindrical at the abdomen, hexagonally prismal along its arms and legs, having a resemblance like diamond on its chest region with each part linking to another of apparent length as a humans body could be. The gold titanium alloys covered a greater part of its chest, the mask on its face, arms, thigh and feet, whereas, it's forehead and the rest part were made of silver titanium alloys: a perfect image of a man and indented creativity. Madison kept admiring the designs and feeling very
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The Wings
"Yeah sure, come with us." Madison said, expressing a great measure of cheerfulness in a way that made Optimus respond upon rising up on its feet. "You now look happy and I could feel you are a very friendly person, Madison." Optimus declared. She kind of halted and turned to look at Optimus the moment she heard him mention her name on her way up the stairs. "Wait! Gabriel, did Optimus just learn to mention my name or you programed it that way?" She was obviously surprised... Gabriel's reply was without hesitation, "No, I didn't. But I believe he is configured in a way that makes it prone to learning successfully as any human." Optimus did not hear her because she was right in front of Gabriel and Optimus was way down and about to begin climbing up the stairs because it was analyzing and contemplating on how to get its foot started on the stairs: invariably, Optimus was learning everything like a child and observing everything carefully to know how to approach life. "Your dad will
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