At that moment, I seemed to have lost my sanity. Anyone who blocks my path will be killed or whoever I see first, I will mercilessly cut off their breath. With the intensity of the anger I feel, I can no longer count how many I have killed. Blood almost flooded around me, and everywhere I looked there were corpses lying on the floor. I didn't miss a single one of them, nor did I let one of them escape. Even if they shoot me and throw any things at me, I don't care. No one can bring down someone like me, and this is not the reason for me to stop. I will make them taste the cruelty of my wrath, and they will all gather in hell. Only then did I stop when I felt tired while I gasped for breath. I let go of my last victim and like the others he fell to the floor lifeless. I looked all around me, where I could not see any of them alive. They were all lying bloody on the floor. Then I poured them with the chemicals they used in their experiments and increased the temperature of the machines t
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