I stopped the car on one side for a while, after Simon felt something strange in his body, and every time that happens we temporarily stop on the side of the road, and then we tie his feet and hands, so he can't hurt anyone. Sporadically, we put him inside the trunk until he loses consciousness and returns to normal. That was not easy, especially for him because every time he woke up he realized that he had scratches or wounds on different parts of his body and that was caused by his symptoms. His mind goes blank whenever his zombie-mind exists, and he doesn't know what he's doing, so we have to tie him up and keep him away from us so that no one gets hurt, and we have no regrets in the end. We also prepared weapons that we can use in case he acts daringly and attacks us. However, we didn't abandon him or leave him there alone, and we still treated him like a normal person even though every so often we were afraid of him and had doubts. Until one day, he accidentally choked Rita by the
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