157 : The Villain Returns (Sixto's Pov)
We slowly approached where Simon was, and then we peered into the well until our eyes widened in shock when we discovered what happened there. There are bodies of zombies that are lifeless and other parts of their bodies are cut off, and it seems that this was done to them on purpose.

“Who could have done this, and how did he think of such a horrible thing to them? I know they are zombies, but they don't deserve to die in such a cruel way, do they?” Luigi said as he looked at us, and we noticed that Simon was silent as he turned his back to us.

“Are you okay, Simon? Is there a problem?” I asked him while placing one of my hands on his shoulder while he watched his two hands that were stained with blood. Luigi and I exchanged glances with a look of wonder on our faces. I don't understand why he is so quiet and seems like he is thinking deeply.

“Isn't he afraid?” Luigi whispered to me, so I turned to him.

“What do you mean? Why would he be afraid, and for such a reason?” I asked him
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