I am a simple person who wants to fulfill all my dreams in life not so that I can brag about it to everyone because I wish to see the smile on my mother's lips, and she can tell me how proud she is of me. I want nothing more in life than to live happily and peacefully. Furthermore, I never aspired to have fancy cars, expensive things or clothes and even to have a lot of money. Moreover, I am content with the life I have. It's simple, but I know how contented I am with whatever I have now and more than that is being with the most important woman in my heart that is my mother. I still remember when I got mad at her because I was always behind the trends and I couldn't always go on field trips or to my parties because I didn't have money. I was ashamed to join them because I was different from them. My pocket is empty, and I can't even afford what they can buy, that only a coin for them. Where they can get and do everything they want effortlessly, and where they don't have to work part-ti
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