Chapter 184

At the beach resort where Rohan's team building was held, with all his employees at their restaurant.

11:15 pm when they finished playing, had a drink and went to the private hotel that Rohan had booked for their temporary accommodation.

They each have keys. While the other friends are together in the same room. Patrice was among those who got drunk that night. Rohan helped her to her room, while Jonas followed behind them.

One of their best chefs in their restaurant and while Baron was lying on his back and he fell asleep in a state of intoxication.

They're room is just next to girl's room, so they walked from the same direction.

Jonas snatched the key from his pocket for a moment and turned to the girl. Rohan also turned to him with a smile on his face.

“Good night, sir.” He said, and then he went inside their room. He closed the door and dropped the young man horizontally on the bed.

Jonas was one of those who did not drink that night. He just cooked all night, and he also didn't l
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