Chapter 189

As soon as Jana entered her house, she felt something strange inside. When the light came on, she was shocked when Nadia appeared in front of her. She was sitting in the chair with her legs and hands tied.

Her mouth and eyes were also covered with white cloth. While she had a few scars on her body.

“W-what does that mean?” she said in shock, and she suddenly approached it, but she also immediately noticed the video recorder standing in front of Nadia.

“What is that thing doing here in my house? how did you get in here?” curious and angrily she asked her. She was unaware that they were currently being watched by the whole world.


“You mean Jana kidnapped my wife?” Rohan said in shock, when they watched it on the TV screen.

“Everyone get ready! we're going to arrest that woman right now.” Versa's order his fellow police officers. They also immediately took an action and boarded their respective patrols and vehicles. Rohan followed them, while he's with Patrice and Baron.

On the other
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