Chapter 192

“I promise that i will love you now and forever.” The vow Jonas made to me when we were married.

But even before i met him and married him at the altar, there was a man of the past who captivated my heart.

I was among the members of the rebel movement against the government. I was first seen him at the church, where Jonas and i were got married.

I pretended to be praying as i watched an officer sitting in the front. There were soldiers all around him. I have to kill that officer because this is my mission.

I also stood up when i saw him coming out of the church. I went through another door to aim at him immediately on his chest.

While i was searching for the perfect place to hide, i covered the lower part of my face with a red handkerchief so that the policemen would not recognize me.

I climbed into the adjacent church building and then pulled out the sniper rifles. I checked carefully to see if it would hit his heart.

Likewise, i counted to three. One, two and on third, i aimed at hi
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