Chapter 199

According to the autopsy we saw on the body of the victim Paul, he sustained several wounds and scars on some parts of his body.

I also found out that he was stabbed in his right side, causing his death. Examination also showed that he sustained a fracture to his left leg and arm. This young man did not have a good time before he lost his life.

He had numerous deep wounds from the head, neck, face, arms, legs and back. The DNA test results also showed that the blood stain we found near the exit stairs was from him.

“Maybe the scars he got on his body were caused by him falling down the stairs.”

Philip and i are currently investigating inside the morgue. As we examine Paul’s body found floating in the sea.

His body was no longer in good condition because water had entered in his body and some parts of his internal organs had swelled.

“Ahh! that's why we saw blood near the stairs!” Philip said as we looked at the young man's corpse again.

“Actually, the wound he got from the stabbing wa
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