The Dark King of London

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The Dark King of London

By: Lil Chloe OngoingSci-Fi

Language: English

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Black Prison – the world's most dangerous! The world's super-criminals, business elites, politicians, hackers, and even nuclear weapons experts can be found. After all, the talent here is put into a fantasy world where after completing all the tasks can be free. If the Dark Prison is the most terrifying in reality, the “King of Darkness” is the best prison in the hypothetical world! Here incarcerate heroes and beasts in legends, Sorcerers, Three-Headed Snakes, Cannibals, Bounty Hunters, and even the most powerful in the world -God! If there were such a prison, it would destroy one of them. Andrew Louis is the most powerful criminal in the Black Prison. So to gain freedom and protect his loved ones, Andrew Louis must enter the "Second World" to fight the fiercest creatures, complete the darkest, monstrous challenges, and even a life-and-death mission. Coming to "The Dark King of London," the world is also a prison; to gain true freedom, you must change the world! Please enter the story; let's get in tune with this ghost story, full of attraction; let's experience and try to find the answer for ourselves, explain and find out what is suspicious and solve it with male lead Andrew Louis.

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This is a prison, humid, in the air spreading a smell. A figure sat cross-legged in the dark, demonstrating calmly, like ancient water, like a Buddha statue. In the cell, there was no problem, not even a talker, day after day, year after year, until death, so many inmates were desperate to commit suicide. But this man was not desperate and was waiting for an opportunity. At this moment, the dawn light of the morning rose, passing through the window of the first base on the wall. His butt was shimmering, like a holy path crashing the darkness in the cell, covering him, making the hair on his head dye into iridescent gold, divine warmth, like a statue of a Buddha nirvana. Then suddenly, this person opened his eyes, like a completely nirvana Buddha, reborn. The black prison seemed to be shining too! To take a meal; to eat one's meal. In the data, outside the door came a chilling sound, then a tray passed through the iron bars of the door and was placed on the ground. The corners o
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Dark Prison is located on a desert island in the Pacific Ocean; the four seas are vast, and the sea cruiser patrols continuously, twenty-four hours without interruption. On the desert island, it took more work to walk, five steps to a group and ten steps to a station, where all the guards were. The whole island does not allow outsiders to enter; even visiting prisons is impossible; wanting to break through this floor can only come in from the air!The second level of defense of the Black Prison ― metal inspection, just checking the metal flying through the air, even if it was a metal nail, would actively conduct a laser attack, cutting off all artificial flying equipment, wanting to break through this level, only birds and insects could do it!The third floor of the Black Prison's defense -- the bird enclosure, the entire Black Prison surrounded by three layers of birds that birds strictly surrounded; this kind of enclosure was strictly tenfold compared to the bird enclosure at Charle
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After reading this letter, Andrew Louis closed his eyes in grief.The situation was worse than he had imagined; even 3 and 8 were sacrificed; this was a tragedy that had not happened before.Once again, the image of 3 and 8 remained in his memory. Every time Andrew Louis acted, he would adjust their clothes by himself, ordering them to survive, and they also fulfilled their mission, never to fall.Now, that time has not come back forever!Two transparent tears flowed slowly from Andrew Louis's eyes.“Number three, number eight, you can finally rest!” Andrew Louis's young sound, followed by his two tears, dissipated in the middle of heaven and earth....A minute later, Andrew Louis opened his eyes; all his injuries instantly vanished, nor did he see a trace.Tears for relatives, fresh blood for enemies.Next, he's going to do some bloodshed.Andrew Louis turned his head and looked at the little spirit on his shoulder, firmly said: “I'm done, let's start!”The little spirit nodded and
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He looked a little deeper, then walked away.Andrew Louis' “wobbly” footsteps wandered the dark corridor, spreading unknown names to every prison cell since the Middle Ages. In the darkness, there is often a roar, as if some powerful existence is releasing something; the atmosphere of the Dark King makes people feel like they are not breathing.Andrew Louis paid attention to the four sides from time to time, but the light was too dim; seeing the specific situation was not clear; only a few bats could occasionally be noticed flying over the top of the head, rats crawling under the feet, terrible bass.After walking like that for a few minutes, the front finally began to have light; the magic light gradually appeared on the wall of the corridor next door. The situation in the passage also changed; the two sides of the corridor appeared from a large prison room, about several dozen meters high. These cells were closed by giant iron doors, on the face covered with dust and cobwebs, leavin
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Phew! The other five were face down, relaxed, and the long-faced man leading the way took a deep breath, stooped respectfully, and said, “Venerable Alexander, I am the Chief Prisoner of the Dark King, Michael, these four are my men, and we will assist you in accomplishing your mission.”The five men, who were also NPCs, Andrew Louis finally found a clue and immediately asked, “How many prisoners are in this prison?”“In the King of Darkness, there are 16633 cells, but many prisoners have died, and only 5,359 are still alive!” Michael nodded respectfully.“What is the strength of the weakest inmate? May I kill him?“Sorry, I can't!” Michael shook his head bluntly, “In the King of Darkness, even the weakest inmate of the Order of the Sanctuary, with your current strength, there is no way to kill them.”“So, how do you help me? Can you do it or not?”Michael still shook his head: “Sorry, we can only coordinate you to complete the task, nor directly help you complete the task; we can only
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“Number 11? What are you keeping inside?” Andrew Louis rose a spark of excitement; the number was already extremely high and can be said almost as the last BOSS of the entire Dark King; what finally detained?Michael shook his head: “It's a sealed cell; I don't know what's inside the cell, but before I arrived, the other guy was also detained here.”“You mean to get him to help me complete my mission?” Andrew Louis asked.Michael nodded: “Your mission can be completed with his support.”Andrew Louis began to think this is indeed a method, but it is difficult not to be too simple; if it is so, then this task of hope will have no difficulty; this is very unreasonable.Andrew Louis guessed that this method would be easy to say, implementing more than half would be arduous, and there would be a difficult place to pull my legs back.Thinking, he tilted his head to the cell next door; suddenly, his eyes stopped on the bar of the cell.There's a lock!- That is right! KeyAndrew Louis wanted
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“Huh? “Did you see the number 250?” Michael was suddenly stunned, as if by accident, immediately after which he shook his head: “That snake is not dead yet! Just peeling off the skin, in a weakened state, so it looks dead at first glance. It's up to level 250, so it can help you complete the quest!”There we go. Andrew Louis touched his chin and said, “Even if it was the key number 250, I still can't get it. Can you provide any auxiliary tools?” Sorry. No auxiliary tools! He could only rely on himself. Michael shook his head, a form of involuntary force.Based only on his current ability, Andrew Louis thought that he could not get the key; this was not an effort that could be changed; some things only needed to exceed the limits of humans, so he had to rely on auxiliary tools. Just as humans cannot fly directly to the ground and need tools to do it, the key is the same; if not relying on auxiliary tools, Andrew Louis absolutely can not get the key, at least with the current rank is n
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After that, the player Patrick arranged for ten great treasures and recorded a short group of comments below.First-class: God King EssenComment: I don't know what this is either, but I've seen a brief description in the diary of the greatest metallurgist of the Magical Trainer • Mercury ― the god Wang Zhizhi, the first god of the continent!Second class: We Are QueenComment: The name as the meaning, We are also our tears flowing down; this is the most important document to make the spirit. In the Second World, the spirit knew only ten items; to obtain the spirit, it is necessary to have a lot of precious documents to make, but the Essen is also the most important type of document inside. Some people say that the death of the Magician Silver Water is related to the death of a drop of us.Third place: The Contract of EssenComment: Everyone knows the servant with the master after signing the Master's Contract; the servant's life is completely according to the master; as long as the m
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Michael has a blue and white face! There was not much blood on his face at first, like the eyes of a dead person: “Because why do you say that?”Andrew Louis looked at him and said, “At first, I didn't think that the Purple Jelly built this jelly, but then I suddenly thought of the shape of the Purple Jelly. The color and the material are the same as the cast jelly! Once, I was in this interior lintel taking out the scales of Lernaean Hydra, which had been dispersed, turning into a pile of black ash. At that time, I still thought that this stone room could not use any auxiliary props; now that I know, this was a purple stone room! It's crystals of the soap worm.Michael tried to suppress the pain, brushed away on the golden ground of the jelly, struggling to raise his head, his blue eye staring at Andrew Louis, saying, “Is it only because, at this point, you speculate that I am Lernaean Hydra?”Of course not. Andrew Louis shook his head, “Actually, I didn't know you were Lernaean Hydr
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“You finally admit it?” Andrew Louis sighed in relief, “Actually, I can't even determine that you are one hundred percent Lernaean Hydra; no reasonable inference can be just a kind of speculation but cannot replace the truth. But your suspicion is so great that I can only lay down the book to deal with you.” Andrew Louis finished, looked at Michael's head, and said, “You don't count as doomed; at least two of your eyes must be able to stay.”“No, not two, but ten.” Michael's tone was a little disastrous, “You know why before I came out of prison, I only dared to send four people into this cave? Because the number of my clones is less than five, I will die! So in recent years, I have been waiting patiently until you appeared. Although I have the Time of Eyes, I do not see your future; the more I see, the more you will kill me! As long as my client's body disappears, the four at the door will not be able to avoid luck, and with me tomorrow, there will only be ten eyes left; your comfort
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