Chapter 7 – Back Home

Chapter 7 – Back Home

Alex was trapped there like an embryo about to hatch. A light blue mucous membrane enveloped the young alien's body.

He came out as he had just been born, drenched in the liquid.

"Ugh.." he interrupted while wagging his whole body, getting rid of the discomfort around him.

"I hate the weird things he always gives me."

Alex glanced around the bathroom. The last time he could remember Jordan and his friends trying to gang upon him. Then it shone and was trapped in the strange object.

His eyes darted to the nearest window. He jogged to see what was outside. Just touching the glass, the wall collapsed in the blink of an eye.

[Brugh] Alex was stunned at sight before his eyes. Everything was destroyed, leaving nothing. The smoke and dust that flew in the place caught the high ground in front of the eyes. Slowly get out of there and leave the talisman his grandfather gave him.

"This isn't the last place I'll be." He said, realizing that there were no other buildings beh
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