Escapia: A VRMMO

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Escapia: A VRMMO

By: Daemon OngoingGames

Language: English

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Escapia is a huge open world where every floor and every boss is designed differently, there are 10 classes, and there are hunting spots and activities in each floor! After our main characters are trapped in Escapia, they try to finish the game in order to return to their world. But to finish the game, they have to level up, fight the bosses on the floors, and unlock all the floors. On the last floor, there is the developer of the game himself. Finally, Escapia is truly an MMO! So with all its pros and cons... In the game, they have to grind, talk to NPC's and balance and upgrade a lot of power systems at the same time. To say the least, Escapia is a dark comedy on the one hand and a VRMMO story where various maps and worlds are explored on the other!


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Guide: Classes
(IF YOU ARE NOT INTERESTED IN GAME'S INFORMATION SKIP TO THE 4TH CHAPTER) There are 10 classes in total in this game. Each role has its unique weapon. Classes are divided into 3 categories: Melee, Ranged, and Spell.   A.MELEE Melee classes are (mostly) offensive classes with a low range. They should chase ranged classes and track them down at team fights. 1-Blademaster Blademasters use light swords. Blademasters can use a second light sword after level 50. Blademaster class is based on DPS. Blademasters have high Agility and Attack but low Defense and HP.   2-Swordmaster Swordmasters use heavy swords. Swordmasters can use a shield after level 50. Swordmaster class is based
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Guide: Systems
EQUIPMENT SYSTEM: Unlocks at level 20 A. Equipment Types In the equipment system, you try to increase the rarity of your equipment. You have 5 types of equipment: 1-Weapon (Depends on your class) 2-Armor 3-Gauntlets 4-Necklace 5-Shoes B. Equipment Rarity The rarity of this equipment is determined by the colors of the equipment's avatar frame. Here is the order from most common to rarest: White, green, blue, navy, purple, orange, yellow, red, golden yellow     GEM SYSTEM: Unlocks at level 20 In the jewelry system, you have a total of 3 sockets on a triangular symbol, 1 at each corner. By inserting gems into these sockets, you increase a certain stat. A. Gem StatsRead more
Guide: Floors
MAIN FLOOR: The main floor is based on a real-world village and nature-themed location. There are forests, trees, windmills, and fields. Here you can grow food in the fields and take quests from farmer NPCs at first. FLOOR 2 DESERTIUM: Desertium is based on real-world deserts. It is possible to find cacti, grassless shrubs, and stones around. This floor is very unsuitable and no plants other than cactus can be grown or gathered in it. Used when searching for free space for a duel. FLOOR 3 CAVELANDS: Cavelands is based on real-world caves. This floor is a combination of separate cave locations. Unlike real caves, however, these caves all have a different theme. (Ice, Fire Water, Space, Undersea, etc...) For example, giant ice shards appear from above in ice caves, the ground is completely snow, and blue and turquoise particles are scattered around as you walk in the snow. In fire caves, pits containing tin
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Chapter 1: Trapped
Daemon quickly opened the door of the house and entered. He threw his backpack into the hallway, ran into his room, and slammed the door. He laid back on his bed and clicked W******p on his phone: He went into his high school group messages: "Mitsuri: Bro, send me the photos we took at the party today. "Shou: Ok bro I'm sending it, hold on a second. "Shou: There you go:" Daemon looked sadly at all the photos: In the 1st photo, Mitsuri and Yui are kissing passionately. Daemon zoomed into the background. A few girls were playing karaoke in the background. Most of the guys were playing
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Chapter 2: Comforting
3 days have already passed since the incident. People were sleeping under the trees, on the grass, since the house system had not been opened yet. Locking the home system to a level instead of giving it to the player in the first place was of course the genius idea of genius developer Kuudere Dev. Almost 500 people lost their lives. Meanwhile, Lockheart and Daemon were continuing their pathetic grind. Daemon and Lockheart were hunting wolves in the forest to level up. They hardly slept at all. Even though they were dizzy from lack of sleep, they continued: "Hey, Daemon? How many wolves do we need to kill? I'm tired..." "Stop whining Lockheart! We will stop when we are level 20. Stop distracting me while not even doing anything!" Lockheart hurled a green light at one wolf with his short wand, damaging it. Wolf's health bar barely turned from light green to yellow. The wolf got angry and started running. Lockheart started to scream, Daemon slid
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Chapter 3: First Boss
An hour had passed since Daemon spoke to Lockheart. Now, Lockheart was watching the game's sunset with Daemon. There was a logical time loop in the game. As the sun slowly set, the shadows of objects, houses, and animals slowly changed and disappeared. At the same time, sunlight created orange-yellow particle effects as it hit the ground: "This is beautiful isn't it, Daemon?" "It is. I hate to admit it, but this game has top-tier scenery." After a few seconds of silence, Daemon changed the topic: "So anyway, we unlocked two new systems right now." Lockheart sighed. She would rather watch the sunset with Daemon than talk with him: "Fine." "Is something wrong?" "Nope, go on." "Those systems are Equipment System and Gem System, don't forget to check them from guides." "Yeah, alright…" Lockheart opened the menu and clicked on the "Gem System" button. She saw a triangular symbol with one empty circle
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Chapter 4: Day-Off
In the morning, the day had just dawned. The pure light of the sun reflected on the grass, creating a beautiful ambiance with the shadows. Birds were chirping on the branches of the great forest trees. Chickens could be heard in the fields. It was a fresh, beautiful day in Escapia today.   Daemon was also enjoying this good day by chatting civilly with NPCs. Daemon handed woods to the Child NPC.   NPC smiled: "Thank you for woods, adventurer-" Daemon was fed up with not being able to skip sentences from NPCs: "KID! Shut up." "Oh, adventurer! I knew that you would help me as soon as I saw your face." Daemon clenched his fist and began to tremble with annoyance. NPC continued: "My dad will be so happy when I return-" Finally, Daemon lost his temper: "LET ME SKIP IT! LET ME!" Daemon furiously clicked the jump button but the button was bugging. "Kuudere Dev! I'll fee
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Chapter 5: Shards
Lockheart and Daemon were killing tiny cactus hybrids in the scorching heat of desertium. Meanwhile, Daemon's stomach rumbled, Lockheart was already rubbing his stomach rather than fighting, giving Daemon a buff from time to time. Lockheart and Daemon's eyes met, Daemon turned his head. After a few seconds of silence, Lockheart began to speak: "Oh, congratulations Daemon! Glad we had that sandwich on the way!" "Ah, shut up! At least it gave us extra HP!" "Yeah! It also gave us a brand new status effect, look above my head..." He read the caption above Daemon Lockheart's name: Nausea. Lockheart applauded Daemon ironically: "Congratulations!" Having said this, he pushed the Daemon: "You are so annoying!" Daemon lightly slapped Lockheart: "Don't touch me!" Lockheart looked at Daemon in shock: "DID YOU JUST HIT ME?" Daemon shrugged: "Equal rights, equal fights. You know I'm so
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Chapter 6: Trauma
Just as Daemon was about to attack, he heard a familiar voice: "TAKASHI!" When Daemon turned around, he saw a man slumped to the ground, his HP Bar turning increasingly dark red and dying. Daemon took a closer look at this man. The man had blue eyes and long blond hair. He was wearing a school uniform. Daemon suddenly realized who this man was: "MITSURI!" Mitsuri, while breathing heavily, continued to speak: "Takashi, that's you, isn't it? Help me! I don't think I can survive any longer!" Minotaur Boss slammed its ax into the ground once more as Daemon sprinted towards Mitsuri. The shard above Mitsuri began to sway. Daemon cried out in despair: "MITSURI! MOVE! YOU WILL DIE!" The ice shard fell on Mitsuri and broke, and Mitsuri screamed in pain. Suddenly, the ice shared disappeared and re-formed above Mitsuri. "MOVE! MOVE!" Mitsuri couldn't even hear Daemon from his fatigue. He just looked at Daem
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Chapter 7: Healer Girl
It was morning. Lockheart was sleeping under the tree while lying on the grass. Daemon came over to Lockheart and poked her in the shoulder: "Lockheart, wake up." Lockheart stood up and yawned. She rubbed her eyes and looked at Daemon's bored face. Then she remembered what had happened yesterday and began to speak: "H-hey Taka-... I mean Daemon... do you feel better now?" Daemon numbly nodded. Lockheart looked at Daemon's face to see any reaction. Daemon frowned: "Lockheart why the hell are you staring at me?" "A-ah, sorry. I was just-" "If, it's about yesterday, forget it. I was just acting like a soy-boy." Lockheart looked at Daemon in surprise. It was the first time he had acted "humanoid" and now he wanted to let it go. Daemon's crying state was much better than this edgelord state. But Lockheart thought it best not to dig that up. Putting her question marks aside, she smiled at Daemon: "So what are we gonna
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