Chapter 40 – Her desire and he worries

Chapter 40 – Her desire and he worries

The atmosphere in the morning was quite awkward. He chose to have breakfast a bit far from the girls. Despite the hustle and bustle of the party, people from various countries arrived to welcome the envoys.

Alex couldn't think straight and was still very sleepy. After Mala explained that the Susanoo she got at that time turned into a strict and charisma-filled girl, she couldn't make Alex take it for granted.

He hopes to have a traveling companion or complete a mission, but his hopes immediately vanish and become dark. Nana and Susano didn't want to go back into their pockets after being in a tight space for themselves.

"Master Alex is in a pretty bad mood today."

"Just leave it. Let him know that his mission is actually quite heavy and troublesome."

"Because getting rid of ingrained bad habits and changing into human nature is quite difficult." Connect Mala enjoying the fried eggs and salad.

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