Treasure hunting in endless ocean

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Treasure hunting in endless ocean

By: BlackDaisy OngoingGames

Language: English

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Neil got transferred in to a survival game on water after dying in a tsunami. Fortunately, he obtained treasure hunter system. Alas ! This treasure hunter system is defective. It only ever thinks about obtaining treasure, and never about leaving back safely. Also ! Why is he getting the strange feeling all the questions posed by treasure hunter system are traps. With his G rank skill and system that keeps throwing him in to impossibly dangerous settings, could he survive ? Adele Young had one goal. Save her younger siblings, and survive. It sounds easy with her SSS class system, and a little raft. But she is a puny level 1 , facing level 100 raid monster. it sounded like an impossible task, till one day, when a stranger fell from sky and rescued her. Could she rescue her little brother and sister with help of this stranger ? Discord : Instagram: miuhozuki I answer questions on Discord, and post character pictures, location profiles and relevant content to story on insta. Currently character pics for both Neil & Adele are posted.

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  • Good Loser


    It had such a nice beginning with the survival and system but after a while it lost its touch. I know the world is enormous but I could care less about other characters in a far off distant land. the foreshadowing of such just took the enjoyment out of it. I dont like a single character in this.

    2024-02-28 09:12:02
  • T Del



    2022-04-12 01:31:11
  • Thomas Bland


    Where is the real chapter Barrier - Corruption spreads? This is nearly verbatim of the earlier Barrier - Winter March chapter. It clearly doesn't make sense here as they are preparing for events that already concluded.

    2023-09-04 12:27:02
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266 chapters
It was a beautiful day.  A nice sunny day is like a god’s gift when on the sea.  Evergreen high’s students couldn’t agree more.  Given the miserly nature of their school, it is amazing they arranged for the graduation ball to happen on a cruise..  Even more of a surprise is that they made it a two day school trip that included even freshmen and family.  Neil Patrick Harrison was probably the only person who resented the school’s choice, given that he has no family.  Thus, he swam away from everyone and their oh so perfect families on his beloved
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Build a raft
The little button opened something similar to the Item box.  Neil could clearly see his paddle board, paddles, food , water and miscellaneous gear all are in the box.  Inventory is the key word to open it.  Everything other than his clothes is in that inventory, including his waterproof watch.  He checked himself once more to see if there’s anything on his body other than clothes and shoes. There is! A blue gem inlaid oval shape pendant hung from his neck.  He had no idea how he had not noticed it. The gem is
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Treasure Hunter system
Soon, Neil fell into a rhythm.  He collected logs left and right, filling his inventory one after another.  That is until he saw a wooden barrel among the logs.  He immediately directed weathervane towards the barrel.  [ +20 experience ]  Oh.. that’s far more than he expected.  Oh, how he wished all these logs were barrels instead..! However, that is impossible.  They are but logs. 
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Build and Build
That water bottle is all he had.  He woke up to thirst, and he is still thirsty.  Thus, the first priority is still procuring fresh water.  However, by now, Neil is absolutely sure there’s no land near from where he could find a stream.  So, he would have to build a rudimentary facility to make water.  He guessed the endless ocean world is similar to a game. Probably all others get equally distributed resources, such as banana leaves and coconut branches all floating on waters near them.  That means he entered some kind of penalty land. In lieu of having a high n
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Water purifier
Not just any sand could be used for filtering water or filling stove bottoms.  In the ocean, there are small fine sand accumulations. They stand out even more in clear water. This sand is extremely fine, and is quite useful for various purposes.  First, Neil made five buoys, making sure the rope length is as tall as himself.  With these, he will mark shallow sand accumulation areas.  Then, all he would have to do is drive the raft there, and then, bring sand up with the wooden bucket.  Before those two tasks, first create a drying rack. He set the drying rack to be built.  Read more
Message from God's office
Most of his research items were researched by the time Neil finished gathering necessary brown seaweed.  He gathered more than necessary, thinking glue is a multipurpose item on the raft.  As he predicted, it is indeed a multipurpose basic item.  As soon as he put the glue to research, a bunch of more research items popped up.  Most of them are basic building items, but the one he most liked is waterproof wood plank.  However, it had to wait for the seaweed glue to be researched and made.  Meanwhile, he went to the work station.  Read more
Needlessly OP blueprints
Neil drank a little water to make sure he is not going to be dehydrated.  He filled the copper barrel to full with sea water, and added more firewood to the fireplace. At the same time, he started research on all the items he could.  He canceled out the game interface without even reading messages, and started paddling the boat towards the crate.  Once he stopped the boat near where the crate was, he jumped into the water, carried the crate onto the raft.  It took some effort to do this entire business.  Neil laid down on the raft and panted as he tried to catch his breath.  Read more
Short of Seaweed
[ Unable to build super light processed gel raft planks due to lack of materials.] [ Need 10000 blue seaweed, 10000 green seaweed, 100000 brown seaweed, .. … … ….. 1000 logs]  The amount of seaweed that goes in there is more than huge.  I need a seaweed harvester at this rate, Neil grumbled to himself.  It’s far too much.  He gave it up directly, and looked at all the research messages.  The fishing rod has
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Shark Meat
He hoped his sushi master skill would come very much into play.  However, sushi masters usually cut the dead or caught fish, not fish on their own in the sea.  This particular one from whom Neil inherited his skills seemed to be the kind who perfected his skills on the pier, at a safe distance of hundred meters away from shore.  He is now hungry enough to even try poking the shark in the water! Neil has always had a cautious mentality. So much so, he was ridiculed as the old man among his friends.  Only he knew the reason behind his obsession with safety.  It’s simple
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Accept the job
The pressure on him is like wind blowing at 100 miles per hour, and it’s pushing him back with the enormous power of a hurricane.  It’s the power that breaks coconut trees, and lifts up the whole roof of a house and throws it away into the sea.  He lives in Florida, where hurricanes are most common. He even remembered the most powerful one which ripped away the roof of his uncle’s shed, which was screwed in with six inch bolts on concrete pillars.  The bolts stayed put, but the material of the roof could not bear the strength of the hurricane, so the pillars remained holding on to broken fragments of roof tiles, while the tiles themselves broke and flew away.  Now, the power of
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