Blind Gunner

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Blind Gunner

By: H_Simo OngoingGames

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Henny or Ucik must replace Grafik, an archer who has played for about 7 years in 9 Guardians with a reward of 85,000$. Even though Ucik has never played the game she must use Monck_cha, one of the hacked Graf accounts. It was in these 9 Guardians that Ucik reunited with Suhaimi, after their meeting in Putrajaya ended very badly. Suhaimi with IGN (In Game Name) happytummy is a lancer who always tries to convince Ucik that the bowgun can be the main weapon of a tank when everyone including Graf and Neo doubts about that, even asking Ucik to give up. Ami, who admires Ucik's play, doesn't want to see her stop being a tank. He also wants to help Ucik complete her duties in 9 Guardians and the two of them make an appointment to meet again one day. When Graf had injured his right hand in an accident and had to rest, Ucik's mission became more complicated. Ucik must complete the Graf mission by entering the Lucid guild, which contains all of the members doing RMT (Real Money Trading), as well as several accounts belonging to hackers to investigate the causes of many accounts being hacked and banned. Can a newbie like Ucik complete the mission?! What secrets are the members of Lucid hiding that Graf suspects of their guild?! Will Ucik and Ami meet again according to the promise they have made?!

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This is the second time he has attempted suicide this month. Without changing clothes, while still wearing my graduation robe, I dash out of the hall and order a Grab to take me to the hospital. 'Crazy..!!' That's all in my mind. 'What has made him so desperate until until choose to suicide?!. If it's about his final research project, I think he's already finished it and has published his jurnal last month.’"You want to kill me huh?!" My legs are still trembling. After getting off the motorbike I dash to the 5th floor where he was hospitalized. "Want to make me die young?!" My head feels very dizzy. I sat on the floor, straightened my legs, and tried to catch my breath next to his bed. It feels like my heart has jumped from its place now, and my chest feels sore because of running. He didn't pay any attention to my words, his eyes were red and his face was puffy. His leg was broken and had to be in a cast. While his entire body was covered with scratches including his torn temples an
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On my way back to the dorm, I was still trying to understand what had just happened. Graf's offer was the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard in my life. How can a person who only plays video games be paid so much? While I usually only get 3 million rupiahs in a month. I only got this full salary in the fourth month, while I only got 1 million in the first until third months I work. This first 3 month is called the training period. I felt fooled because I'd always thought that games were just a pastime and a way to kill my free time. It turns out that a game could be extremely profitable. "Shall I take it?" I couldn't just say no $85.000 is too much to refuse. But if I accepted, how would I explain to my parents what job I got after finishing my post-graduate program? I would be at a loss for words.Graf gave a two-day limit for me to consider his offer. I have to think about it carefully. I learned from him that some things that might be trivial can be very dangerous, just like th
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Like another college student, I have to clean and pack all of my belongings before leaving the dorm. I packed up what I still needed, then sent it home early and donated the rest which might still be pretty good. It doesn't feel like I'll be capable of surviving these two years of my study, despite the fact I've almost failed several times due to a lack of funds to finish my master's program. At first, I became friends with Graf just to repay a favor, because he had lent me money to pay for my semester fees. Day by day I feel like we have the same mindset in some ways, This is what later made us close friends."Okay. This is the last!” There are about 4 boxes full of books and some plastic bag containing my old shoes. My room looked even more empty now. I cleaned up some of the memos I used to tape to the wall too, including a pile of revisions from my final project that always piled up in the corner. I hope whoever will occupy this place will feel at home.A knock on the door start
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A giant dragon figures out with gray scales and lazuli eyes gazing arrogantly at us. His body was shrouded in a thin layer of black smoke that seemed to emerge from the cracks of his scales. His mane was made of black flames and his breath was so cold, that it could burn and exfoliate the skin at the same time. 3 horns like coils of coals sticking out from each side of his head. Jawzahr is the dragon's name.Jawzahr is the dragon responsible for eclipses in Persian mythology. Jawzahr led an army of evil spirits to chase and devour the sun and moon in the sky at regular intervals. The greedy dragon had also drunk the elixir of immortality that angered the gods before beheaded off his head with a disc. Jawzahr plays almost the same role as the story in the main quest 9 Guardians. He still plays the antagonist role but in a different version....Jawzahr fainted shortly after Yooga, the character of Yoga in 9 Guardians, hit a shield right on his head, but after waking up he was furious.
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I had hoped to get an hour or two of sleep after returning home from the hospital, but it appears that plan failed. A message from the bank arrived on my phone. The boy isn't fooling around. He had already deposited funds into my account. That means I can't go back. Back off, or I'll have to return all of the money. I need that money right now. I guess as long as this job isn't too bad, I'll take it.“Should I start playing now?”Yoga is very busy. Of course, I can't disturb him. He said he would only help me from Friday to Sunday, the rest Graf would teach me.I began browsing on a whim. Neo sent me a link to a website with information about the 9 Guardians, including discussion forums. I immediately asked to join the forum, hoping that someone would assist me if I got into trouble. It didn't take long to wait; only 30 minutes later, somebody added me.“Hi… dear, welcome to 9 Guardians Indonesian!!” Someone, or perhaps an engine, messaged me!“Thank you for letting me join this group
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What's behind the wooden door isn't something that I ever thought about before. As soon as we opened the door, we were greeted by a misty swamp. Hundreds of white storks flew like a mob of moths, then perched on a fallen tree trunk. It happened maybe because they heard the noise of our footsteps. Various small animals such as frogs and water bugs moved away as we stepped into the middle of the swamp. Phantom asked us not to split up. He said the boss could hide anywhere and if one of us might accidentally pull out the aggro, he could easily take over. "Where are the nuts?!" Evo looks very impatient. I looked around but found nothing but solid white fog. "I can beat the nut with just one slash!" Evo said so arrogantly. A red arrow appeared beneath my feet. "What is this?" I pointed at the arrow. Phantom threw the shield he was carrying in front of me in one direction. The sound of cracking tree trunks filled the silent swamp, accompanied by a deafening screech. "Stay right here!" He
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This is bad, Phantom's remaining HP is not more than 10% of the maximum total HP he has. This was a huge disaster for us because of the frozen debuff he got from Charmain that decreased his evasion, and dodge, which makes his movement become slow. Evo turned to face me, and I'm sure he was thinking the same thing I was. 'Who should hold the aggro?!'"Help Phantom please..!!"I understand what Evo means. We immediately split up, with me running towards Phantom and Evo moving in the opposite direction. Evo distracted Charmain and it worked. He spams skills so his aggro easily goes up compared to me and Phantom. Give time for me to help Phantom recover his HP by using the heal skill."Enough, Monck!" HP Phantom may not be fully recovered, only 45% of the maximum total HP he has. I looked at Evo, he didn't make a single hit. Just dodging as often as he could from Charmain's every attack. "Charmain has immunity when hp above 30%, while 30% below Charmain's resistance will increase. Require
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The day I had dreaded had arrived. We gathered near the celestial tower around 8 P.M., filled with doubts, and fears. If we were brave and lucky enough to face Charmain the day before, success now seems improbable. “We will wait for my friend!” I requested that they wait for Graf. I lied to them that Graf would be joining our team, even though Graf just wanted to know about their understanding and equipment quality. "Is this person just your friend in the game?" Asked Phantom. "He's my senior. We took the same major in college,” I can't tell them in depth. One of the rules in 9 Guardians is that no accounts may be shared. It will be a problem in the future if they discover Monck is not my real account. Finally, Graf arrived, he used an account with IGN Lucia_27. The character's appearance is very cute and honestly, that makes me jealous. 'Why isn't Monck made as cute as Lucia?!' My heart is crying. The appearance of character Monk is a masculine male between 20-25 years old, who h
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"He will be unable to attend tonight. Because his friend was absent today, he was asked to replace him!" Evo couldn't join us tonight, he is still at work. Phantom asked me to stop waiting for him. "For this week, our schedule is to help you reach level 70!".“Okay!”Phantom told me that the location we were going to was quite far away from a savepoint. He asked me to bring enough supplies and all the equipment that I would use because we won't be able to buy it if we run out of supplies. "What monster will we face later?" I'm curious."This mini-boss is one of the dragons who appeared and destroyed Filanesia city in the main quest of the 9 Guardians. Its base element is fire, but this dragon has a dark elemental attack that deals extremely dangerous fatal damage. The AOE is a little longer before the skill is active, so tanks can easily interrupt!" I don't understand what dragon Phantom means, because neither Graff nor Yoga have not given me a permit to do the main quest yet."Are t
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When Luna became angry, the tiny fire dragon was able to kill our mental and courage to continue this grinding. Phantom asked to kick Alex from our team, a member with the job as a knight. He flees after being hit by a single attack from Luna before the fight is over. "Is there any problem?" Phantom's performance in the celestial tower against Jawzahr was far superior to his performance against Luna. With all of the new equipment and the lower mini-boss level, I can say Phantom's game appears sloppy and is very detrimental to DPS. He kept allowing Luna to use lethal area skills and even the aggro that was released several times."Knights, I hate them!" Phantom appeared enraged at the knights who fled in the middle of the fight."Is it because he insulted you?" I'm curious about what made Phantom so enraged. Phantom is quieter in many ways than Evo. If it makes him angry, it's no longer a minor issue."He keeps stealing my interrupts. The main skill of a knight in this game is obtaine
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