Chapter 46 – Almost finish

Chapter 46 – Almost finish

"You think she will join the war on the battlefield?"

"Are you kidding me? Never mind the war, I'm sure she dressed like that just for decoration."

The voices of ridicule and jokes that the Core kingdom emitted were heard. The queen signaled to let the insults and insults go. After speaking with the referee, several people spread out widely.

The fight begins, and the cheers that support each participant become one. Sanao waited for the opponent to read his moves, apparently being treated the same. If this keeps happening, then it won't be enjoyable.

'Be careful Sanao.'


She tried to suppress her magic power so that no one would notice her power was enough with what was stuck in her body. Every attack and movement Sanao made could be thrown back against him.

As if looking at the large mirror in front of her, she didn't let Sanao getaway. While fiddling with his little scythe, Sanao felt a target o
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