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Come to know a game, where you battle new, unknown beasts, struggle in fights against New opponents, work on your character like oneself and see who shall reach the top level, your favorite fighter or your opponents, unknown to all. Apart from this a game that professional has to value. Top player level-100? No Top player level 1! And what is it to be beyond that! Players will realize the true worth of being higher level, above 1 the power of Minus Zero will soon lay in our hands.

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Unpleasant Look
"Women and Men of their word!" a declaration rang "Before long the 20th commemoration will be celebrated. Let's see who might come forward to be chosen and then raise until the end. How many players might visit us?How many numerous should resign? How many numerous modern faces might be shown? I Can't Hold up TO SEE IT! We wish you all great luck!"In a wide empty hall, a youthful boy sitting close to the computer examined out of dissatisfaction with the status:Name Cecil.Gender: Male. Level:200.Strength: 0.VIT: 5HP: 50/50MP:17/17Class: DElement: nonRewards: nonWeapon: 0Secret found: 3Result: still a Newbie."Ah! Man. Will I ever create" inquired Juray offering the tag and ejected his card "It's planning to be the 20th commemoration and still no accomplishments... I figure I won't be skilled this time too." Taking out his memory ID card which was labeled expansive in ruddy M.Z. He inclined his back on the chair and gazed at the ceiling. With numerous other expan
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Web Online Diversion station.
At first light, the tap ran in weight over indigo hair getting washed. He offed the tap and pulled up his hairs, drying them with a towel, blue eyes gazed at his reflection, Juray went absent from the sink into his room. Preparing his pack, he sat down on his bed to eat a few bread and milk, looking at his phone on the site of Minus Zero. Swiping down the screen, he said inwards baffled, "Read more
The unusual player within the third floor
The clock ticked 2'o clock and the understudies surged out of the college. Juray was active nearly wrapping up his courses of action within the station. He would take off 45 minutes prior from the University to begin the day for the station. <
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Vanquish taste bad
A divider impact with Cecil falling out of the field into the road. He attempted to stand but, his arms were shuddering in wounds, with his armor totally harmed. All his sorts of stuff counting elixirs, Elixirs, Tonic
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A surprise from boss
Opening the shop of Minus Zero Online, Juray looked for an apprentice weapon he seem to utilize. To induce any low-level weapon, fair for credits, he indeed sold his only armor which dropped his defense and Read more
*Pant...pant....pant*Blood drops dripped from a hanging head and he breathe in exhaustion."Cecil... ..Cecil.....come on," said Juray worriedly at the screen. A fire beast was heading step by step towards him, "What happened now?. I was almost there.....why?"Two hours earlier, after the universityJuray was busy online shopping, purchasing a complete form for Cecil. He found many good items that could raise his defense, strength, and intelligence. Unfortunately, all were suited on levels like 195 or 187."Isn't there anything for level 200?" he asked disappointed, looking around the screen, "I guess I will have to check in the store."Cecil walked back down the street into an old house in the corner. It had a workshop beside it. Players in the game could do jobs or part-time jobs to help them get players or earn some credits for future use.He worked as a shop attender for a low-level player. In his shop were items
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Vain or glow........?
Cecil was bleeding which wasn't good. The bleeding of a character at any rate would drop the life span after every 15 seconds, number by number....he had to move fast.The beast rushed towards him to hit him again, the mage jumped to the other side and the beast crushed the wall. As he was in the air, he used a lighting strike giving it a bad circuit, and landed deliberately behind it."This should do it," said Juray by having a glimpse of the HP 28.Cecil ran front to the other side holding the wall. The beast begin to grow mad and charged to crush him, again he jumped and gave it a circuit shock.The beast's roar turned and stamped hard on the floor. Before Cecil landed a tower of fire raised, covering him and pushing him higher crashing him into the roof. He couldn't breathe well and felt like he lost his connection from his body by the jolt but, he kept his hold of his wand.Leaving the roof, he came down and landed crashing like
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Never seen hands.
At 6:30, the sunrise shone on the blue building of the Internet station. As an early bird, Juray was awake, he offed the table lamp and walked, opened swipe the curtain of his room window curtain letting the light in. He turned and saw the side-hanging calendar. There on the date 24 July was circled green, the next day, as the anniversary of the game."It's just today the wait," he said walking to the table, full messed up with textbooks, notebooks, notepads, pencils, and a calculator. Picking out from the side drawer the M.Z card he said inwards solemnly,"A new start with new rules, new games, and especially new players. The game will release something new too and before that, a special ability as a gift for being in this game will be upgraded or given to all the above thousand players of this game. Starting from level 199.....I wasn't having hope but, this time..." he went and sat on his bed still staring at the card, "This time no one will use me.
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Tutorial, Rule and Blue rose
At 4:30 pm, the station was getting crowded the very next day, youths were rushing to have computers for themselves and some were sent to the upper floor. The employers were managing the settings just like the boss directed them at the previous day.The players who carried with them M.Z cards were made to stay on the first floor. It was a wide, big hall with more than 30,000 computers and could hold the excited players. Even extra computers were brought out if by chance wasn't enough. The players were checked by the cards they had and then send to the seats.Whereas, Dimensional gate players were directed to go to the upper two floors to avoid disturb ness. While the crowd increased during the last 15 minutes, the employers even couldn't rub their sweats off while directing the players.Juray was busy in the hall getting the players seated. His attention was only one, "Whether that boy would attend or not?"But, he was extremely busy that
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Unexpected request
"WHAT DO YOU MEAN?!!" yelled Cecil by stamping hard his hands on the office desk "you can't judge me my level, Your highness!""I made myself clear, mage" recalled the prince his words as he was sitting on the opposite side of the table, calmly with jointed fingers, "you are a low-level mage and I don't wanna lose any of my fighters whichever level they might be"Cecil irritated turned aside folded tight his arm and asked, "Do you think I will get upgraded like this?. You know very well and are well aware that we develop our strength and increase our levels by fighting in battles and how do your iris will see I WILL do it?. If you are asking me to stay like a caged bird in my house!" he made a fuss.The prince smiled and suggested, "Why don't you ask someone to take you as a party member among them. It might be helpful if you go to the fighting grounds and check out there.""You think they will choose me?" he argued in as calmness
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