Chapter 47 – Marine

Chapter 47 – Marine

The audience, who did not believe his words, asked again what he wanted when he won because it was the right of the holder to get a prize that would be given directly by the queen.

"I repeat once again, and I want to fight with the victor on the male side."

[Accept quest 0/3]

[Defeat all power cores in the Core region]

[Get a win as the Main Line up that has been upgraded regularly]

[Congratulations on opening the Artifacts and Runes column]

[Artificial chest for Susano]

[Rune Chest for Susano]

'This is crazy.'

Sanao looked at Alex's seat, which saw him worried. He didn't want Sanao to be in danger. Meanwhile, she was sure that something interesting was happening to Alex. She sends a signal for Alex to immediately put up whatever she can from the quest, and she wants to get more power.

Alex prevented his intention before the referee or in charge agreed to his request. He tries hard not to allow it. This is the same as Alex fi
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