Chapter 49 - Quiet village but often at war

Chapter 49 - Quiet village but often at war

The advice given by Mala lulled him. From the start, Marine had cheated. Sanao's breath also started to paint. She was locked and unable to move. The neck was almost submerged in the bundles of big, muscular thighs.

Alex opened the system to increase healing power, stardust, and experience without thinking. The level rises drastically, allowing it to become stronger. Sanao was able to untie the bonds that nearly cost him his life.

'He's going to kill me.'

His unseen speed caught Marine's eyes. She hit the parts that could be reached. At that moment, Sanao unwittingly targeted the quite heavy positions, the nape, and stomach.

She was moving from one position to another, circling it fiercely. The aura of her sword was as if she was holding it right now, ruffling her enemy's entire body. Sanao won unanimously when the officer who had brought her cloth caught the magic user who was trying to run.

Sanao doe
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