Chapter 60 - The Sue's Ability

Chapter 60 - The Sue's Ability

Alex found hers feeling pinched, finally understanding what was going on. He didn't want to ask Sue about it right now. Even though she both had a duty to help her become a human doesn't mean he could arbitrarily demand other things.

He repeatedly told Sue to change positions and sit next to him, but she didn't listen to him at all and chose to stay in the same situation. She is different from her sister, and it looks cute when Alex finds out that Sue also has a side other than being strong.

"It doesn't matter."

Sue shook her head and didn't look at her master's face. Finally, Alex sighed and asked what she was cold doing at the moment. The faint voice and the hot exhalation that escaped from his mouth stimulated Alex at the same time.

After explaining what happened, Alex finally understood Mala's meaning by telling Sue to sleep with him. He asked if she would mind doing it with him, but she didn't answer with certainty
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