Away From Eden

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Away From Eden

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Stanford High was the most in-demand school not only known for its elite alumni but for its party games which are traditionally played during reunions. Who would not dream of attending the reunion when days after you would be hailed as the world's richest and most famous? The party invitation was deemed more than a lottery ticket in the world that's run by those at the top of the hierarchy and was hell for those at the bottom. Carsen Adams was dumped by his fiancée, who thought she had no future with a rookie investigator like him and left him for a wealthy man. One day he received a party invitation and was chosen as a game participant. This is the chance he was waiting to step onto the ladder of the elite, yet his work requires him to go undercover and destroy the very instrument that exploits their world. But more than surviving the cruel post apocalyptic world system, Carsen was unaware of the mystery of his roots. If he discovers who he really is, would he be able to save humanity from this cruel game of survival, and bring the world back to how it was before?

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  • Pi98


    Interesting premise but this must be a translated version into English. Grammar is exhausting to read when the reader has to mentally correct it in order to stay engaged.

    2023-11-30 02:34:45
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195 chapters
The great war that destroyed the world has been long over. The rest of humanity that survived struggled to bring society back again in order. People said they learned much from that long-time war, and that they never would want it to happen again. People said that the human race was to blame for the catastrophe that fall upon themselves. And that now because everyone had learned their lessons, humanity is no longer placing their confidence on the world leaders alone, and would never want to follow the same government structure that the world has before the war. The world has now reached its perfection. That's what the Castellan said. And to maintain that, certain social structures and systems must be followed. In a new world order, a kind of new life system was introduced, dividing the people into classes. The Castellan is the richest and most powerful and rests at the top of the hierarchy. Their duty was to ensure the world's finances is running well, and they were bound to produce
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Heartbreak and Invitation
" 911 what's the nature of your emergency?" " Help there are dead bodies in here. Oh my god! They're about three and they're pale, eyes open, and no blood!" " Hold on is on the way!"Minutes later rescuers arrived in an abandoned wide lot. The paramedics and autopsy team were also on the field, while other staff are placing the victims in a black bag. The place of crime was situated in an area that was far from the city. It is near the countryside. Vast, grassy area. The bodies recovered appear to be in a state of decomposing. " Wait for a while," Carsen appealed to the medics who were zipping the bodies. He showed his police badge to them. And so they allowed him to check the corpses. Carsen reached the victim's hands. It looks like there's a circular patch around their wrists, like a trace of a wristband, and a round mark on its neck.This one doesn't look like a simple bracelet huh? It's like a metal thing was attached around their neck and wrists. He thinks.Later
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Ticket to the Top
As expected in the next few days, those who received an invitation were all over the media. The entire investigation department were congratulating Carsen. Of course who won't be thrilled about being invited? For a Newman, for people at the bottom, being invited to the reunion is a much honor. It was like a dream come true. It is the ultimate pursuit of everyone that's below the hierarchy. The entire police station was waiting if Carsen's invitation would make him officially included in the party games. That's all that they were after. All eyes were on that huge television screen, and when they heard Carsen's name as a participant in the game, the office was filled with cheering, they were celebrating for Carsen. " Happy for you bro!" Robin bumped his fist with him. Carsen just responds with a smile.Later that day, the news about his invitation reached Harpie, his ex. At the moment when their village in El Rotosi was having a celebration dinner, a luxurious car parked nearby. It
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The Shot Glass
The theme of the party was glitz and glam. The guests were welcomed by sparkling showgirls. While in the wide stage were large props of martini glasses, glitter handball balance with performers providing entertainment for the event. The party was classy and glamorous. That is its signature. Guests arrived in dozens with wide smiles on their faces, wrapped in their fanciest clothes, arriving in their luxury cars. Tonight is the feast of the elite. Tonight is Standford's alumni. The reunion of those deserving, of those who were given an invitation.Carsen was just quiet in the corner, sipping wine while others were chatting in a group. He noticed that most of those who were here were from his class, but he barely remembers them all since he dropped out in the middle of the school year. He took a deep breath. Staying at a party like this is not his thing.It's kind of suffocating. Carsen thinks.And he slightly loosened his bow tie." Hey, dude!"Carsen's attention was got by a male wh
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The Outsiders
The order of the world is just favorable to the Castellans, to the people at the top. Unless, this system remains then the world would stay rotten, not perfect, contrary to what the Castellan and Lords claim. This is what the outsiders believe. This is the core principle they lived by, the motivation of their every battle. The outsiders were deemed as criminals. They were considered outcasts and not deserving of any support from the new world system. According to hearsays they lived underground and eat from stealing or leftovers of the three legitimate hierarchies. Yeah, legitimate. Even though the Newmans and Flocks at are the bottom levels of the social system, at least, they were considered part of the society and since they were recognized, they can get free food and homes and other stuff. Unlike the outsiders who are pushed to live on their own, they were pressed down and without any support. Well, that's what the general public knows. Lucas Wyatt vividly recalls the expressions
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Behind Perfection
Robin Mack, Carsen's close colleague and friend in the police investigation unit, heard the gunfire but he didn't have given them much thought. He wasn't the one assigned in the area until his phone radio sounded. The other line was telling him about a shooting incident. To his surprise, the area mentioned was Carsen's address. His friend was now at the game. He was worried and hoped that the incident doesn't concern Carsen's family but his hopes failed when he arrived at the Newman's compound. Many people gathered at Carsen's house. Police cars were blaring. Curious neighbors were there and so were the CSI. Robin showed off his badge to the crime scene in charge. He was allowed to go inside Carsen's house. The crime scene investigators told him that no one is there except for Lily Adams - Carsen's mom, who is the victim. Robin's eyes widened in disbelief hearing that Carsen's mom was killed. If this news reach Carsen he would surely get devastated. What's more agonizing is that he ca
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Spin The Bottle - Truth Or Dare
" Huh?! I doubt we're still in the party venue!" The players were whining. After falling from what seemed to be limbo, they found themselves transported into a desert. Carsen has a hint that the place they were in was just simulated because though the surroundings were dry and sandy, the weather isn't hot. He was wondering what's the next game for them. Some of the invited were starting to freak out, whining, and regretting signing up as party guests. If they haven't been guests at the alumni party, then they wouldn't be invited to be players at the party games. But he could see, there were also players who manage to remain tough and calm. They don't have a choice anyway. Unless the entire game level finishes, they'll be prisoners here. Carsen knows that there were only two ways out of here -- his dead body to be found dumped outside, or to be hailed a winner and a new member of the Castellan class."Hello, players!" Again a voice was heard in the atmosphere. Carsen assumes they'l
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"What the fu***!" Jimmie pays close attention to the several computer and television monitors leaning up against the wall. Each screen had a different size. Some were the size of his head, while others were rather enormous. The majority of the monitors were showing what was happening in the party games, and the remaining ones showed radars, charts, and other information his allies are sending to him. Unlike with the police, Jimmie made sure that he got the most high-tech control room in the world. Last time his question to himself was how could a guy like Carsen who's got exceptional IQ would win the game. And now, he's seeing the answer. Jimmie pressed some buttons on the side. He's calling someone. "Carsen Adams of the Newmans. He's the son of Lily right?" Jimmie asked a person in the other line. " Then, there's no way he couldn't be human, right?" Of course, he wanted to be sure. And if this Carsen guy is something special, then he has to make sure he's not gonna go against hi
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Next Game: Suck And Blow Card 1
The Terminus was still a puzzle to him. Carsen was sure that all of its kind were killed during the apocalypse. He even witnessed how his uncle Briggs joined the armies and planned with them in executing those monsters.But how there's still one of them left in this simulated game world? Carsen asked himself. But they feel so real in this game world! I must find out! He thinks." Hey, Carsen dude!" One of the players from Jair's group. " Jiggs!" he introduces himself, extending out his hand for a bump. It's odd how some players approach him for acquaintance lately after he defeated the cyborg monster. Carsen perhaps was the quietest or loner among the players. And being an introvert he's uncomfortable with this kind of attention. Also, he could assume why they want to friend him - for an alliance."You were cool in there a while ago, dude!" Jiggs chuckled swinging his arms, copying Carsen's move a while ago. Carsen was still quiet. He's observing Jiggs. Looking at him he wonders
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Suck And Blow Card - 2
One was neon green, and the other was black. Where the players placed their glass after a shot would determine the course of their challenge.The players who placed their glass on the green spot whined in fear and disappointment. The voice told them that they have to take part in an unbearable journey. When all the obstacle courses were laid off, everything looks easy to look at. Good thing because it wouldn't be a joke stepping on all those with their lips sucking an ID card from falling. They have to remember one important rule. The card has to fall up to three times only, and if it exceeds that, there's an awaiting surprise for each of them. " Sh**! This game used to make my heart flutter in high, it's making me crazy!" Lizie whispered. Lizie remembers how this game in high school makes the crowd go wild whenever they heard that Lizie Ward is joining the suck-and-blow card. Of course, who wouldn't? She's the Queen B at Stanford High. She's the muse. Many has got a c
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