Chapter 66 - Glittering cave but deadly

Chapter 66 - Glittering cave but deadly

It was stupid that Alex didn't ask what their names were when they last met. He tried to approach and give a more precise signal of where he was. After explaining their whereabouts, they concluded they might be in another field.

He has many fields, which they used to cultivate either the official's or his own.

"If you don't find them, maybe they are praying in the temple."

Alex immediately rushed after the only temple in question, lucky when they enjoyed the banquet and headed to the girls' inn to provide handy information at a time like this.

Unwittingly the three girls were seen from the top of the stairs. Alex, who wanted to call one of them, was stopped when Mala reached out to give another sign not to make a noise. He understood holding his feet as he was told.

The family prayed with wisdom, and the freshly lit incense sticks still looked brand new. He saw the girl the deepest when he closed his eyes,
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