Chapter 79 – Winged man

Chapter 79 – Winged man

"Is that true? Call them here."

Several people on guard confronted Alex at this time, and he pointed at the two people who were battered. After letting the others leave the place, the person in charge asked what to do to make Alex feel relieved.

That strange-sounding question shouldn't have been asked, especially since he was in charge of all the current trades. He put his arm around Alex while explaining what had happened.

Sometimes the animals emit poison or attack their comrades to death on the spot, so it's only natural are only beaten, and even then, only a few get this treatment.

Not everyone gets punished like that.

"Sir Alex, they will soon meet their respective owners. So you don't have to doubt that they will get unpleasant things later."

"How about you come with us to the black market. It also sells a lot of other interesting and step-by-step things."

Alex listened as hypnotized and asked if bri
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