Chapter 85 - Descending the snow mountain

Chapter 85 - Descending the snow mountain

Even though his head still hurt from suddenly running and crashing into the people around him until it finally became the subject of attention there. The most important thing was to find the two of them. He asked the servants he met along the hall, and they said, "I Don't know."

Alex is getting increasingly worried about their situation, and he takes the initiative to go to the main room, which looks like a reception office, and ask for information there. It just happened that Yuki Onna was standing in front of the castle door and greeted her.

"Are you looking for Mala and Sia?"

Without asking much, she led Alex off in another direction. There is a unique gate that can only be entered by people who have obtained permission from the castle's owner. Alex opened the big door that became the barrier between them.

Sia is sitting beside Mala's bed, eating.

"Bad! Drain!" Alex shouted. Luckily the room was only the two
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