Chapter 89 - Disagreeing

Chapter 89 - Disagreeing

"We want to take a shower, are you done?" Mala, while pushing Sia into the bath, grabs the queue.

"Yes, I took a shower. Then have a good rest." Say hello to Yuki Onna, leaving the two of them behind. Sura found Yuki Onna in a state like that and was amazed when she saw her long hair flowing beautifully when wet.

He gestured for Yukionna to sleep on the bed, their cute behavior making the atmosphere awkward. Sura pulled the blanket to cover her embarrassed body and face; the mattress, seen as very large, now felt very small and narrow. Even Sura touched Yuki Onna's arms or body parts several times.

She didn't emphasize the touch and tried to fall asleep.

"Are you asleep?" Sura asked.


"What do you think today?" he asked again.

"Today was fun, being able to meet new friends and be saved by Sura." While saying the boy's name, Yuki Onna covered her face in embarrassment.

They talked for a long time. Although Su
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