Chapter 90 - Who is she

Chapter 90 - Who is she

Alex decided to put down his temporary home address letter and wrote down to stop by there while he still lived at the address in question.

"Master, does the unlimited Mana effect do not affect you?" Sia asked. The drinking water that was just bought at the night market gushed loudly.

"What do you mean, Sia?" Alex asked back.

"When using Unlimited Mana, Mr. Alex couldn't control his Mana changes and was seriously ill. I was worried something might happen to you."

Alex stroked his head to win over his worry and looked at Mala, who was busy chewing on sweet cotton candy. Alex was always curious how Mala and Sia had so much money for their needs all this time. He wanted to ask but feared that Mala would say no to him.

'Maybe one day I'll ask Mala that.'

Satisfied with the endless festivals in Oure village, they finally return home, and Alex leaves the two to sleep. Sia asks Mala why recently Alex hasn't come to them to have sex
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