Chapter 98 – Kidnapping

Chapter 98 – Kidnapping

Alex and the girls were enjoying a bite of food Count Draco didn't hesitate to ask them, "How did you guys get anything after helping them?" The question that felt like a corner couldn't take their eyes off them.

"Dear," said Count Draco's wife.

"It's okay, Mabel. They also have a right to know what's going on." Count Draco added.

He wanted to hear what the imperial people had just said and what slander they had spread against him. He doesn't seem afraid to listen to Alex's answer. And sure enough, he laughed out loud after Alex told this.

"Hahahaha, do you believe what they say?" asked Count Draco.

"Of course, for someone who is about to die, there is minimal potential for someone to be lying. Because human nature is to admit all mistakes when life is on the tip of the tongue." This time it was Mala who answered Count Draco's question.

"I like you, but is my decision to live alone as the owner of power and land a crim
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