Chapter 100 - The End of a turning point

Chapter 100 - The End of a turning point

"Pride brings a lot of damage and lives lost in vain." King Shiftlah ​​stood up and walked over. He lectured as if this incident was Count Draco's fault, but unexpectedly it wasn't a disgrace that the villagers thought the man who was in office and ruled got his position from tyranny.

Killing his brothers to get the king's crown, thirsting for innocent blood, is now preaching as if all his actions were proper. Count Draco looked into his eyes filled with hatred, directing his gaze upwards. There was no one to turn to for help to save his family.

King Shitflah dared not approach. His soldiers told him to retreat to the rear. Seeing that there was also help to hide well, he obeyed their words rather than getting into trouble later.

Alex had to try hard to heal his wound. The creaking sound in his hand turned out to be from the transmitter that had not been removed.

"Our master is walking towards the location." Sia's voi
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