The strongest Solo PLayer

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The strongest Solo PLayer

By: Lessercodex OngoingGames

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At the worst point of his life, Felix was accidentally killed in a car crash. Even with the sweet release of death, he felt only regret all his past decisions. Drifting into darkness, Felix instantly woke up in cold breaths from the abyss of death, finding himself reincarnated into his younger self. With the memories of the worthless life he lived his flames burst a new, he was now more than ever determined to rise to the top of this game and change his fate. A life he can live, love, be proud of with people he can trust. The art is not mine, and it will be changed. It belongs to Jason Tn.

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  • Flee Foot


    it's fun to read, when's the next update?

    2022-05-05 11:28:06
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Back from the future
"Ha!" Felix sprung out of bed, his face shaking in sweat, "Hah, what where?" he looked at his hands staring at something alien."My hands aren't wrinkly... my old room... is this death? I remember uh my head ah!"His head throbbed a wave of pain ruptured his mind due to his reincarnation there was a matter of two souls existing in one body his older worn out mature one and his young fresh self.Two souls couldn't exist in the same body no matter the origins but since they were similar, one teeming with life and the other old and worn down a consensus was agreed, and both spiritual bodies merged into a new one bright with life yet showing the sparks of experience.Felix was reborn anew.And with this rebirth memories of what's to come flooded his mind, some thoughts about who won leagues and events and lotteries flooded first, then the memories of his actions that led to his miserable life."Ha... ha... I-I can't believe it," his eyes watered
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Fallen Online
The moment he dove in, his mind was transported to a battlefield, watching a war wage on from the skies."Long ago all nations were living in harmony, but everything changed when the-""Skip, I want to register my username first, and I choose to join neither faction," he spoke to the sky everything paused and vanished leaving him into absolute black.Shing!A sparkly light appeared in front of him, out of it came a little fairy with pink hair and wings."Greetings adventurer, my name is Pixie, but I am also known as Gaia in the world of fallen this is just one of my many forms, I will be your guide to prepare you for the next world!""Nice to meet you, Pixie.""Great! Now registering your name, what would you like to be called?" She asked a screen appearing before him.Alpha has been taken."Damn," he already knew the name he wanted but just in case he could in time pick a different name he tried."Shakuni," has b
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Beginner Town Mudwater
Apex Stood up getting used to his new body, he looked like a flamingo that evolved into a human-like being with his pink feathers.[Welcome Player to Mudwater Village!]"Wow look this game is so real! I can feel the cool grass, Even my breath! Hah, Oof!""From graphics alone, this is a 10/10."He heard the praises from the others all around him, at this moment everyone had entered the game and everyone was equal, with no silver or golden spoon.The developers of Fallen Online wanted a fair experience for you when currency exchange becomes an option in 6 months, all the rich bastards thinking they can buy their way to the top would be wrong. The exchange works one way.There was no inventory only the status screen, market and internet connection, everyone entered with a grey set of clothes.He looked at the ground seeing some bluegrass and started picking them up. They were mixed in with green grass and needed a closer look to be found
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Skills skills skills!
In the world of Fallen Online, anyone can learn a skill if they meet the requirements. However, learning skills was a different issue. Skills could be learnt in one of three ways, a skill book, being taught the skill or learning it through action.Skill books had to be bought, dropped or found in treasure chest some he had knowledge of. Right now after distributing his status he left the Inn and went to a restaurant it was shut down but there was a man inside.He was human his body ancient and sickly, "I'm closed."Apex sweatdropped as he walked, "I know sir ahem I was wondering if maybe you offered to teach lessons?"'Another wanna be chef,' the elder chef looked him up and down, "fine follow me," he got up using a cane, Apex nodded following him to the back of the restaurant to a kitchen, "open the cabinets and take out the ingredients."He followed that man's orders, all the experience from real life and his past would shine now.[Quest:
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Apex! Remeber the name!
After setting his attribute points he went to the tailor's shop, "Hello," he was greeted by a male clerk, "How may I help you?""I'm looking for some leather armour," he said the clerk looked the pink Birdman up and down his clothes were tattered past the point of repair, "Alright would you like three or a five-set piece and what kind?"Apex looked behind the man there stood a wall of different types of monster skin, wold, mud salamander, even fox."Three-piece wolf set please," he answered, "Alright that'll be 300 Silvers please."The beginner towns had sold their supplies at a discounted price compared to outside. It meant with the coins he had he'd be swimming in at least green rank equipment it was also the highest rank Item the clerk was willing to sell.[Wolf leather set 3/5 (Green)] [+50 Defence.][An item made from the flesh of wolves improves the hunter's spirit.]"Not bad it's on the lowest spectrum of green equipment but I
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Leaving Mudwater
Quickly Apex dashed to the Inns and sat inside the day had yet to be over and he knew people would be searching for him, not for nefarious reasons but as fans, 'Good thing I turned off Direct messages.'...The entire world's forums were going berserk of Apex's achievements.["HOW THE FUCK CAN ONE GUY TAKE ON A FIELD BOSS!? HACKS!"]["I've seen this player before, he's the one who put up that epic recipe."]["A chef made it to level 10 in 5 hours?"]["@Apex, we of the Might guild would like to offer you a premium position, please contact me if you're interested!"]["@Apex, we of the..."]["@Apex, we of the..."]["He's blocked Dm's guys take a hint."]...In front of the smithy where the three adventurers, the elf was the first to speak, "Re-Bunny you don't think?" she couldn't finish her words, "I think so." she smiled this was something unexpected."So are we going to recruit him?" the red fox girl
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A quick break
[You have logged out.] Shua! Back outside, the white pod opened slowly as Felix stepped out. "Hu!" he groaned twisting and flexing his body, "Ah, that's the stuff, I should start going to the gym soon." [1st January 2120 Friday 16:40] 'Five hours in real life, ten in-game the Exon company did good making this,' he thought walking out his room, he went into the kitchen and started taking out ingredients, "Some rice that way dad can eat while I'm playing." He looked at the knife in his hand, realizing, 'I need to buy throwing knives... I should also check my balance.' [Felix Green] [Balance: ₤2,178] He finished cooking and sat down enjoying a nice meal, "Nice once I get the order for the saviours guild I can put half of it into some stock," He paused in between eating, curious he checked the official discord of Fallen Online 'Haha,' he chuckled, seeing all the attention was about him and how he managed to solo a f
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Treasure Hunt
"Hah phew," Apex wiped his forehead he had just killed another group of Trunk-gators while searching in the night. He purposely took longer and travelled around the forest to remember its layout and markdown descent locations for the journal guide he'd been writing. And as he got up to search he soon arrived at the west end of the forest he could tell because in a mix with the forest were Standing and broken pillars. "Where the fuck is this place!?" Apex bellowed he had been walking for at least two hours killing Trunk-gators left and right. He stood in the centre of it all gazing at the uprooted stones and pillars with wild archaic symbols. He didn't remember the lore of this place, 'Something about the dryad I think,' but he didn't care. 'Uh, alright it says there's a cave between a pillar and tree marked in an upside-down v so were,' he paused looking around none of the trees or pillars were leaning together and most on the ground were shattered an
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The Saviours Guild
[2nd January 2120 Saturday 9:12 am] "Mn..." Apex groaned in bed. He woke up and tried to push himself out of bed, only to flop. 'I need more power!' he tried again to push himself, but the urge to sleep was stronger! Flop! 'Uh, I can't win!' he struggled once more, with some epic music to fuel him. The song reached its best part. "Ha!" he pushed himself out of bed. He got up, looking back down. 'One minute wouldn't hurt,' [10:03 am] One minute became another until he fell back into sleep, "Yawn... I regret nothing." Moments later he left the shower with his phone in hand, "The hell is with the internet?" He checked YouTube the moment he entered and found a video on him to be on the recommended page. "Who is Apex? Frances hidden expert. Hahaha, I'm not hiding," he laughed changing himself and heading downstairs, on the table he found breakfast already made with a letter for him, "Thanks, dad." He scrolled more and paused
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Potions and Explosions
"Oh, he put the guides back up," Blackswan said checking the market like before. "Hold on, Apex!" Arnold called out to the pink man, "yes?" he turned back to the green dragonkin. "Are you going to attempt the Tre-Ent Dungeon?" he asked emphasising the word attempt. "Yes I am, and before you ask I plan on doing it solo," Apex didn't want to share the loots, and he was going to attempt every difficulty and wanted to do it alone. "What that's insane, you're insane! It doesn't work like that, you can't solo everything!" Satya shouted she felt like she just met the most egotistical person in her life thinking he could do anything alone because of some achievement that made him popular. Although some of her hate came from jealousy as she calculated how much he made honestly, and now he had just doubled that. "I beg to differ," Apex shrugged and left, he needed to learn his potion-making skill. ... Apex was sitting in a grey r
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