Chapter 134 - She is found and prays in the cave

Chapter 134 - She is found and prays in the cave

Even until she followed from behind so that she was safe until she reached her destination. Alex wanted to accompany the girl everywhere as if she had a unique charm like Kitsune the Nine-Tailed Fox.

He was also curious about the eyes blocked by a piece of cloth, the hood that bounded his whole body. Alex was presumptuous to imagine someone being such an impolite. He immediately slammed his head against the pot and hit it hard.

A loud noise disturbing their sleep awakens Mala and Sia. They asked why he was acting like that, but Alex immediately pushed him away, explaining nothing to them.

"What's with him?" Ask Mala.

Unknowingly, Alex was already at the woman's house. Realizing he was there, he wanted to know her more, unlike Archimedes' house, which is complete and spacious. Only a tiny house, an outside bathroom, and a cage were used to keep her herd of animals.

There was a waist-high wooden fence aroun
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