Chapter 154 - Trying for luck

Chapter 154 - Trying for luck

As far as the eye could see, he couldn't find the figure of the two he was looking for. Alex chose to take the seat closest to the entrance. Ron offered to get him what he wanted to eat.

Hungry, he wanted to eat anything related to meat. Understood Alex's request, the butler and several men moved toward the large, well-equipped dining table.

"Ah, Ron, don't forget the heart." The man smiled gently and nodded his head. Alex realized when did he eat things like that. It didn't take long for the meaning that was ordered to arrive.

At the same time, a familiar figure in the hall's center was waving his hand. The girl shouted, shouting at her son. It turned out that Sia and Mala were waiting there.

"Alex!" all eyes are on Sia. She immediately corrected his words.

"Our Alexa is here." She hoped the people would believe her words.

"Are you drunk, Sia?" fortunately, Alex's rebuttal can cover his shortcomings. Finally, the peop
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