Chapter 155 – Waiting

Chapter 155 – Waiting

Feeling betrayed and making much noise creates chaos. The large and tall guards came to see what was going on. The woman provokes Alex that he cheated in the game and snatched all the men he had by force.

"Ron~ did I do something bad?" Alex's clear stance sticks out again. It's not just her skill as a woman that allows her to control the men there. Kitsune's alluring power is extraordinary.

Alex is careful how to use this power and begins to put up a shield in case she comes in full and joins together. Not only Ron, but all the men who had accompanied him earlier, also put their bodies up so that Alex wouldn't get hurt.

He was standing in the back row, so Alex could barely see what was going on up ahead. Guards were wearing armor and offensive equipment for prepared to await justice there. Ron is also good at telling the situation that happened.

He hints at the men following him to be patient with the punishment for treason, and s
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