Chapter 157 - Another child's story

Chapter 157 - Another child's story

Since the age of 12, he has felt how it feels to be violent by both men and women who enjoy his tiny body. Undoubtedly, he works like a dog being tied up and treated like a toy.

The mental and physical torment made him worse when the god who bought it saw Ron's use and could no longer produce pleasure because of the wounds and blemishes on his body.

He was dumped in a well, a place filled with animals and creatures that like to eat humans became a landfill. How not every time they throw out useless people, they will disappear without leaving the slightest residue in a matter of minutes.

Finally, Ron got something similar. He, who didn't know he would be thrown out, tried to escape from the trip before it happened. But unluckily, he still fell into the dump.

"Where is he?" Asked a colleague who was busy looking for him.

It took five people to catch a small child who was even helpless and dared to enter the forest alone
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