Chapter 161 - The same dream

Chapter 161 - The same dream

Kubera agreed to his request. Alex immediately left from here to a place that no longer showed his figure. Mala saw Alex's back, reminiscent of when she went to Nenokuni to calm down, but luckily they could survive without her in the village.

Mala and Sia sat close to each other, prepared if they started making any suspicious moves. It didn't take long. Alex arrived with Sanao and Nana breathlessly. Their presence surprised both and whether the owner would allow those not on the guest list to enter the palace.

But right now, it's not something that can negotiate. The table used to serve disappeared from there, and the chairs. Then the battle started.

"It's the same as me dealing with Afreet Deen the Genie."

"He is the trial of Ascension, so put your all into him." He added again. It didn't take long for everyone to get ready. The throne that had been left behind had moved. Alex had guessed that the seat he was sitting on was not
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