MMORPG : The Return Of The Legend

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MMORPG : The Return Of The Legend

By: Nann OngoingGames

Language: English

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GAME cannot be separated from people's lives A Famous MMORPG GAME, The strange World II becomes the game that dominates the top A GAME that can make anyone get Wealth, glory and even Fame In-game ranking affects everything The Holder of the Number 1 position, his existence is so mysterious that he doesn't even want to gain fame Suddenly the Number 1 left GAME The Strange World II for no reason Time after time passed The Legend number 1 returns to the game With his new identity Ready to shake the arrogant and arbitrary players

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31 chapters
"I said, I don't need your help, I can stand firm in the game!" With a shrill sound, the office door was opened by a girl about twenty-six years old, then Off heavily.  "Lin Fen, let's go!" The girl walked out of the office door and looked at the street ordinary young man sitting in the chair in front of the office door. Slowly nodding, the young man followed the girl out of the office building without saying a word.  "Miss, you wait here, I will go!" The young man said to the girl, turned around and walked to the underground garage and took the car.  The young man named Lin Fen was this girl's driver. The identity of this girl is very unfortunate. The girl's name was Liu Me, who was Miss Liu of the Liu Group.  Speaking of Liu Group, it can be said that no one knows who is unknown. Today's society and online gaming has become one of the indispensable life of people. Big companies
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The plan
"Okay!" Lin Fen took a deep breath and whispered, "I haven't seen you for five years. Are you okay?"  "My day, you bastard, I haven't contacted me for five years! I thought you were dead!" At the other end of the line, the skull was covered with skunks, with a hint of anger in its voice.  "Old mess, sorry! Five years ago, it hit me hard!" Lin Fen smiled, facing the phone on the other end of the phone, whispering.  "I don't blame you!" On the other end of the line, there was a sigh of relief. "I blame you. I haven't texted me in five years."  "Old chaos, I want to ask for your help!" Lin Fen sighed slightly, whispering.  "Say, we still have something to say!" The old man sighed and whispered.  "I want to enter the outside world, I want you to help me!" Lin Fen whispered on the phone: "I want to play the game again!" <
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 "I have set up a villa in the villa area in the west of the city. Let's move it tomorrow!" Liu Me looked at everyone and whispered: "Now, we have to think about what our guild should be!"  Everyone frowned slightly when they heard such a question. Guild name is a problem. A guild needs an exhibition, and sometimes a good name is needed.  "Kingdom" is when everyone frowned, Lin Fen's voice rang in everyone's ears, and everyone's eyes were a little blurry.  "Imperial, such a great name, very domineering!" Liu Gang chewed these two words, couldn't help but laugh, it seems that the two words of the Empire, he liked it.  "This is really good!" Huafeng also smiled slightly, agreeing that although Huafeng is practicing the priestess profession, but also a man, the boy has the dream of a boy, the empire, tasted the blood, and created the Empire is indeed very bloody. Read more
Show skills
"Evil spirits have tears!" Liu Fen gently spat out a breath, whispering.  "Made!" The low voice rang again, and then Liu Fen exited the game.  Outside the room, at this time, everyone has created a game, gathered in the living room on the first floor talking about the game image.  "Xiao Xiaojie, the picture is really good, better than the myth, and the temple is really good!" Ye Mengru pulled Liu Mejiao and smiled: "What race did Xiaoxiao sister choose!"  "I am an archer, but also rely on agile to eat, of course, the choice is Mozu!" Liu Me looked at Ye Mengru with a smile: "You choose this demon girl is Yaozu!"  "Yes!" Ye Mengru nodded. Then he glanced and said strangely, "How come the Chinese style people haven't come out yet?"  "Yes!" Liu Gang also looked confused and said strangely, "How slow is this guy?" <
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Lowly monsters
"Not bad, at least there is a Master's initial skill, relative to the attack power of 8-10, should be able to destroy the defense of a four-level monster!" Lin Fen smiled slightly, then, walked outside the village, around Skip the first-grade snow rabbit, second-grade sheep monster, and go straight to the third and fourth grade monsters.  "Wild cat, third grade, blood volume 100!" The rest is not shown, but Lin Fen also knows that the third-order monster, if you come with your own face, you are afraid that you will become a village rookie.  "Fire ball!" The three-level wild cat is a fireball, and the fireball formed by the fire instantly flew straight to the peak of the wild cat.  A burst of flames suddenly sounded, and then a "-9" damage flew from above the wild cat's head. The wild cat screamed and flew straight at Lin Fen.  "It is possible to break the defense!" Lin Fen sighed.
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Need rest
Walking inward, Lin Fen immediately encountered a five-level wild dog monster, unleashed a fireball at the wild dog, Lin Fen was suddenly happy, although the attack was not high, but still damaged, can Break the defense, Lin Fen is not afraid to be defeated!  "Hey!" The wild dog groaned and rushed towards Lin Fen. Lin Fen still released the fireball without any hesitation. Then he took two steps back right behind her and once again opened the two. Distance, then, the fireball was released again, kneeling on the head of the stray dog.  The words "-9" popped into the wild dog's head, although not much, but it was enough. Lin Fen only walked a dozen times and did not touch the stray dog, and the stray dog ​​was killed. Picking up some copper coins on the ground, Lin Fen once again entered the army to kill the stray dogs. The experience required to upgrade Level 4 to Level 3 is 500 experience points. A stray dog ​​could only gain 40 ex
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Directly facing the wolf is a fireball, Lin Fen hastily ran a few steps towards the back, because the monsters in the beginner village are passive attacks, so, apart from these three wolves, no other wolves Attacking Lin Fen also gave Lin Fen a chance to gasp.  Lin Fen was like this, pulled the two wolves and demon wolves and walked back, and immediately, the wild wolf was killed, but Lin Fen's magic value was bottom!  "Go ahead!" Lin Fen took the initiative and fled straight into the distance. There wasn't much magic medicine in his bag. If he drank to play another wolf, he was afraid that it would not be enough to face the demon wolf. Now, it is best to save the province.  Both demon wolves and wolves have their own territorial awareness. As long as Lin Fen was out of their territory, they would not chase Lin Fen, so Lin Fen quickly put aside their pursuit.  Sitting on the groun
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Beginner village
Hurrying up and rushing back to the novice village, Lin Fen directly handed over the demon wolf heart to the transmitter.  "Yes!" The teleporter was shocked to see the demon wolf heart handed over by Lin Fen. He said with surprise: "The young warrior didn't think that you had defeated the demon slave! I really didn't misread you! Lacking a demon slave, the door to the outside world of the novice village can be opened!"  "System prompt: the player demon has tears to complete the five-star mission to open the novice village, gain experience 10000, reputation value 1000, get special equipment for this job, skill book." "Brush, brush!" Lin Fense once again went up two levels, the current level of the level immediately rose to level 9, opened the leaderboard rankings, Lin Fen's ranking was impressively listed, the second chaotic day was also grade 9, the possible experience ratio I am still a little worse. 
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Hunting result
"This is the gap!" The soldier also nodded and looked at Lin Fen, laughing helplessly.  Lin fen directly killed the wild boar, and the backpack suddenly added a piece of wild beef, so it was quite convenient. Long time ago, Lin fen had already killed 20 bison and got enough wild beef.  "wolf skin pants add to mental strength, my current magic value is enough for me to waste!" lin fen now killed the magic value of ten wild cows before they were exhausted, the leveling effect was immediately visible. spiritual power can be 10 points of magic value, lin fen's wolf skin pants add five points of mental strength, but it is a full fifty mana, the fireball only consumes five mana, plus lin fen's own mana value is enough to squander now.  After brushing twenty buffalo, Lin fen walked straight to the novice village although the difficulty of this task is not great, but how to say it is also a level eight buffalo, th
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What is priest
"Hey!" The wolf collar can go straight to Lin Fen, regardless of what Lin Fen says, and he rushes to Lin Fen.  "Fire ball!" Lin Fen directly hit the fireball on the collar wolf's head, and then ran a few steps behind him, once again letting out a fireball.  "Oh!" Finally, the wolf's collar was slammed by Lin Fen's fireball and fell to the ground.  "Paintbrush!" Lin Fen finally advanced to level 10 after killing the wolf collar, and was able to get out of the novice village! Looking at the equipment of the wolf leading the explosion, the green gun, the property is not bad.  "Broken (green): attack 2o, add 1 to physique, takes level 1o"  "1o-level rifle, it's not bad!" Lin Fen smiled slightly, this long rifle is suitable for Cavaliers, but for the soldiers, the starting period is not bad!   "Ten, you can take the stick
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