Chapter 169 - Some distance

Chapter 169 - Some distance

[Welcome back to the summoner]

[ You finished the game well and went to the next level ]

[ Level 98 – Level 100 ]

'Up 2?' thought Alex, subconsciously moving his hand forward because of the sudden increase.

He looks even more strange because he doesn't look at the children who have been watching him for a long time. Rara approached Alex while hugging him. Alex gasped and immediately remembered that he was in a place of many people.

"Are you okay, Miss Kitsune?" Rara asked. Her worried eyes looked the most beautiful for a girl she had ever seen. Hair braided long and thick is also no less shiny when sun exposure.

"Did she lose her memory that made her go crazy?" Ask another. The children who were standing there started shaking his body. He hugged them as best he could and apologized, subconsciously making those around him worry about him.

"I'm fine, and thanks for worrying about me," Alex replied.

Even tho
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