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Modern esports is by no means a game. You can completely lose everything and even your life because of one stupid mistake. I was the top player on the planet, but after I was framed, I had to leave. Though with large debts, but alive. But the brother stayed and, it seems, contacted the wrong people. Now he's gone, and all I have is a few scant clues from the virtual. Well, hold on bro, I'm coming.

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Chapter 1Dedicated to my comrade, Andrei KrasnikovSasha, drop your book already! Mom looked into my room and looked disapprovingly at the unmade bed. Are you reading this stupid fantasy again? Go to the gym, you need help!- Now…- Not now, but now!With a sigh, I put down the reading room and reluctantly trudged into the hall. The only half-day off in the week, when I could get enough sleep and set aside a miserable couple of hours for reading, was covered with a copper basin. Mom, when she wanted to, was very persuasive.- A little something - you grab a smartphone. Better take care of business.I remained silent, not intending to enter into another senseless argument. For my mother, all my hobbies, including past victories in world esports tournaments, cost absolutely nothing.As for “getting busy,” she has no idea that I plow like an ox, earning, in general, decent money.With such thoughts, I entered the hall and only now noticed that we had guests. Mom poured tea for two stron
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Chapter 2Still, hand-to-hand combat is not my thing.Ignat easily got away from my jab and shortly punched me in the liver. It felt like a sledgehammer hit him in the stomach, and I bent forward, trying to get my forehead into his face.- Look you! - the big man, whom I still hooked, was surprised. - Courageous!For the next half minute, I played the bag, trying to minimize the effects of his punches and make rare counterattacks. I have to admit, I was lucky that Ignat did not set out to knock me out or cripple me.Having limited himself to a few powerful blows to the body and dried off my hands raised in the block, he stepped back and smiled friendly:- Tickets?“Quits,” I grimaced from the pain in my stomach, but shook the outstretched hand.He turned out to be so cooler than me in hand-to-hand combat that he could calmly give me humiliating cuffs on the back of the head or put a couple of black eyes. But Ignat, apparently, knew about our distinguishing feature with his brother and
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Chapter 3When Piotr stopped near the Game - World head office , I was in complete prostration. On the one hand, a violent fire of anger flared up inside me, on the other hand, I was bound by the icy embrace of uncertainty and fear.“Go, Alex,” Ignat slapped me on the shoulder. - We made it on time. In six minutes you have an appointment with Albert Gennadyevich Kuchko, Max and... Marina's boss. Remember, your goal is compensation in the form of a six-month subscription. And not a word about Marina!I silently nodded and got out of the car.I reached the reception desk as if in a fog.- Alexander Krestovsky, at the reception to ...“Albert Gennadievich is already waiting for you,” the secretary nodded. — Kira, see the young man.I went on autopilot for a pretty girl, no, no, and looking askance at her pleasant roundness. Have I thought about the upcoming conversation? I highly doubt it.I came to my senses already in a luxurious office.- Alexander! A charismatic man in a perfectly fi
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Chapter 4- Multiple fractures throughout the body!— The rib pierced the right lung.- Severe concussion! The patient loses consciousness! Coma threat!Give him an adrenaline rush!- Yes, he has it and so rolls over!— Almost brought, the surgeon is waiting in the operating room.- Where is it then?- This employee of the corporation Game - World , we have an agreement with them. After the operation, immediately into the capsule for recovery.- If not for the helmet, my head would burst like a watermelon ...“Wait, but we were called seven minutes ago. And he was hit by a truck in just two minutes. In addition, the guy is wearing a helmet, protection. Adrenaline in the blood ... Something is unclean here.Not our problem, let the police deal with it.But still, it's very suspicious...Stop talking, watch the patient! Pulse dropped, Masha, urgently shoot him adrenaline!- I fix the deterioration.“What did you inject him with, you fool?” Those are muscle relaxants! You will drive him
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Chapter 5“I don’t understand,” I muttered, looking around. - But how to choose a class?Then came a belated thought to look at the other races and compare their bonuses with the elven ones, but it was too late. And I would not choose any other race. I had very big plans for the natural possession of a bastard sword.And given that, according to statistics, most of all swords in any virtual projects are represented by just one and a half or long swords, this promised me a confident start and a good choice in the future game.In the next game...Only now it dawned on me that there is no going back. I jumped under a truck - isekai connoisseurs will appreciate it - fell into a coma and am now in the virtual world "Sea of ​​Opportunities". Damn it, did I still decide on this adventure?!Why does everyone like hit-and-run books so much? Yes, because it is, in fact, a second chance. A chance to start all over again, based on the experience gained. It doesn't matter where you ended up - in a
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Your fate is written from birth to death, even you were born in full accordance with the rules, almost as old as your entire family. The service is so closely intertwined with life that you yourself sometimes do not understand where one ends and another begins. You also chose your wife for yourself, finally and irrevocably, and all that remains is just to love her with all your heart. Not a step to the left, not a step to the right: there are boundaries for everything. There is only one freedom - freedom of choice. You are free to run away, leaving everything, or stay, but then you will also have to accept everything. More is not given. But more is not required!PrologueThe storm was leaving the raid.Returned home - to the sea, which was born. She left like a ship, under the sails of purple clouds. She left, leaving that special freshness spilled in the air, which poetically inclined personalities refer to as “the first breath of the newborn world”, and everyone else scolds for its
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Fifth day of the month of the First ThundersVariable Ka-Yi in the constellation Ma-KeyinThe rule of the lunar day: "Everything that you must do is based on everyday reality, embodied in tangible forms.""Lotion of star rivers" recalls:“Ka-Yi follows a course that sets a quivering sensitivity to comings from outside, which we feel with our hearts as clearly as we feel with our skin the hot breath of our beloved. But our existence is carried away by the same echo to the outside world, telling the infinite: “We are one.” A day of nature, wild and domestic, wild and familiar. It is very useful to take time for your household, including animals, possessions, gardens, ponds, and in general all living and non-living inhabitants of nature that occur during the day. A day of filling life with strength and meaning, a day of new beginnings and new responsibilities.Antrea, the suburb of Holt, the mansion of daneke Tarma Thoris,first third of the morning watchHas your morning ever started wi
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Fish marketThe market slightly deafened me with a cheerful hubbub. Well, of course, this is for some (but let's not point the finger!) The beginning of the morning watch - the time is impossible early, and the fishing vessels have almost completely unloaded the goods intended for sale, and now baskets with silvery carcasses, generously sprinkled with ice, are being taken away from the benches. By the way, supplying ice is a profitable business: this is evidenced by the fact that the gnomes are engaged in it - these short men will not miss the profit! It is curious that they see it where everyone else turns up their noses at first, and then they catch themselves and start lamenting: oh, we were the first to think about this ... You thought about it, but they took it and did it. However, in recent years, fakes have come across very often. Which? Icy of course! Not the "crystal-clear glaciers of Rinnever", but something frozen from muddy water of unknown origin. And half the price, whic
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I don't sin against the truth, but I don't tell the whole truth either. Yes, the thin girl, who was rudely turned out of the basket onto the stone slabs by the soldiers of the City Watch, was frightened. Almost fatal. But for a moment, letting in other people's feelings, I felt something that was much worse than fear. Despair. Complete and impenetrable.When a person is afraid of something, it makes him act, one way or another. Hide. Run. Fight, after all. But when desperation comes... Not the kind that throws people onto the battlefield in a final attack, no. Despair from the realization of the futility of actions. Whatever. Despair, the cold of which makes all the muscles go numb, and you can only look doomedly at what is happening, waiting for the scythe of death to get to your neck ... The girl was sick with just such despair. And the baby in her arms did not experience other feelings and did not know other thoughts, except for hunger, which he loudly declared all the way to the W
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******************************************************* *******************Holt suburb, Tarma Thoris' daneke mansion,second third of the evening watchA-a-a-apchi!Something fluffy got into my nose and insolently interrupted my afternoon nap. I opened my eyes, but the situation did not clear up. Mainly because the room was dark. So late already? How much do I sleep? However, if you take into account the hour and a half spent on cutting and boiling the fish (combined with futile attempts to drive the cat away from the cutting board and stove), and the hour during which I had to rummage through the pantry and build from the supplies there (the remaining ones, judging by the dull appearance , since winter) a usable lunch, not so much was spent on sleep. Most importantly, it is not clear whether you managed to sleep or not. Well, that fact will only be established empirically when I leave the bed.What is it that tickles my nose?I touch with my fingers. Soft, but not like wool. Warm. E
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