Chapter 175 – Failed

Chapter 175 – Failed

Krisna bravely pointed at the monster arrogantly. Not only was Karta alone, but he also accompanied his brother instead of leaving there. Alex couldn't think straight about what they were doing. He looked at the clone and ordered to force the two of them away from here.

Krisna and Karta jumped alight on a tree branch when they were about to be lifted. They scolded the children to leave immediately.

"This is no time to be playing around!" Alex shouted.

Sorry Kitsune, I don't know what you're talking about, but this creature is the monster that killed sister Rara 3 years ago. Answer Krishna.

"I'm pretty sure I've split both beaks and slit the throat." He spoke again.

Triing…. Another notification pops up from the screen.

[Attributes for weapon enchantment have been unlocked]

[ Guide: 1. Touch any of the 5 attributes to enhance with Zodiac Soulseal from a particular creature. 2. Enhance attributes to unlock the a
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