Chapter 182 - The cowardly aliens

Chapter 182 - The cowardly aliens

They met one by one, the comrades scattered there. Those who had visited the situation that previously looked pitiful had now become the center they held. Everything looks majestic and advanced. Even the streets that used to look deserted and few people are now used as locations often visited to buy necessities.

One by one, amazed to see Alex change every time they met, they planned to meet secretly before dawn appeared from the east. In the same place when the festival is held, Alex searches for the source of why it happened to them.

After taking out their earphones, Alex tried to see if something was wrong with the game's device.

"Does this thing require charging?" simultaneously, the peacock turned to Nana. Then scramble to see the tool that is usually attached to the ear.

Mala laughed as she said, "There's no way the demon lord is talking about a tool like this dying by itself because its energy source is magic, Mana."
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