Chapter 183 - Lord Vishnu

Chapter 183 - Lord Vishnu

For that, he must change himself to be born into a human child.

“Just like the demon lord you were talking about earlier,” said Lord Vishnu. No one dared to argue because it was the first time they had met a god in their life. Relationships that are far from reality are hard to pin down, too.

“From the name alone, the demon king means he is a rebellious creature who likes to incite humans to do evil. He must have always made a mess on earth.” He added.

They began to prepare to attack the god if he showed weapons before them. Alex tried to block their attacks because he couldn’t find the system notification about the god he was about to face.

Mala is well aware what they will be facing is the core god who guards the earth for this place. With Alex’s power, it was impossible for him to win, even though they had combined their powers to attack h

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