Chapter 202- The campsite

Chapter 202- The campsite

But the people were so persistent in teasing Alex that they forced him to take action to teach them a lesson. He had been sick of seeing the stares of the Dwarka people since he arrived.

Alex doesn't understand why many men are so interested in teasing his body. He thinks the pulling power of the Nine-Tails may be so strong that even though he can't use it, Kitsune's great power still works well.

He didn't feel any strength from the fox nor tried to absorb his power. If he hadn't been carrying piles of food, the people would have been in a bad state. Alex tried to avoid the temptation of the men there. About three people also blocked the alleyway that Alex would pass.

"Don't you guys still have to finish the torch sculptures for tomorrow's festival?" said Alex, the sound of people laughing widely and their distended stomachs were seen rising and falling from his body.

"Doesn't it only take at least an hour to play?" shouted the mean
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