Chapter 212 - Shows respect.

Chapter 212 - Shows respect.

Alex corrected his sitting position from the beginning. He crossed his arms and turned to squeeze a table made of mahogany. The handle attached to the hand's palm cracked and was about to collapse at that moment. The silence was finally felt in the meeting room.

The calm didn't last long, and it made the same noise. Alex realized it wouldn't last long, so he finally decided. He stood up to look at every face of the people there, then walked over to the palace workers.

"What do you think? Is there nothing to say about this?" Asked Alex while circling the people who had been lowering their eyes. The people's bowed gaze was not out of respect for the new king who had just received the mandate to rule but the attitude aimed at the nobles there.

Because it is impossible for an approach that shows respect to be given to a new person.

"Why ask people like them?" asked one of the nobles. He was fearless and stood side by side with Alex i
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