Chapter 245 - A new machine

Chapter 245 - A new machine

The two shook hands, and the Scout told the Sage to bring their guests back to the grape harvest. He asked Alex to teach him how to use the device and care for it.

Alex tried to divert their conversation so there would be no awkward feelings. Although it is personal, Alex is quite curious about how he met Mary, who does not have the characteristics of the people of Uruk.

Scout's laughter echoed in all directions. He told me that his second game was when Mary practiced sex. Alex was confused by the words in question.

"Yeah, you know, when you were young, there was a rush to get that out," Scout replied shyly. Alex shook his head in disbelief. He couldn't understand how young people didn't seem to know about masturbation.

Scout is surprised when he asks Alex about masturbation, and he doesn't know about it. He finally explained that it was an activity to train the rest of his body to calm down. Even though he didn't understand what
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